Zoo Miami Foundation secures $100K from the state for new animal hospital

Zoo Miami Foundation has raised $ 100,000 for the state for a new veterinary clinicAt the announcement are the new chairman of the Zoo Miami Foundation (ZMF), Eric Eikenberg, the chief of animal health of the Zoo Miami (ZM), Dr. Anitere Flores, ZM Communications Director Ron Magill, Rep. Anthony Rodriguez, ZM Director Carol Kruse, Cire Andino, Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator at Miami-Dade, ZMF Development Director Ron Stayton and former ZM Director Eric Stephens.
(Photo credit: Zoo Miami Foundation)

The Zoo Miami Foundation recently received US $ 100,000 from the state of Florida for the new animal clinic at Zoo Miami.

Consistently ranked one of America’s top 10 zoos, Miami Zoo will build a new world-class veterinary clinic that will enable the animal health team to ensure the best possible care in an environment that meets the needs of the staff and the impressive collection of wildlife corresponds to ambassadors from all over the world.

“We appreciate the support the State of Florida has shown and look forward to the bright future of our veterinary clinic,” said Bill Moore, President and CEO of the Zoo Miami Foundation.

The Miami Zoo Hospital, built in 1986, includes operating and examination rooms, radiology, a research laboratory, indoor and outdoor recovery rooms, and offices. A remarkable in-house veterinary team and external specialists offer their skills and time free of charge. However, the current facility has reached a threshold where facilities and equipment are insufficient to meet the ever increasing demands. The construction of the new veterinary clinic will involve three phases as it is important to keep the current use.

Phase I – Extension of the treatment wing (4,600 SF) and interior construction of the existing building (1,700 SF) Phase II – Construction of the animal husbandry area (9,650 SF) Phase III – Renovation and expansion of laboratory and offices (5,250 SF)

“It is a great honor for me to support Zoo Miami’s new animal hospital project. Organizations like the Zoo, which are at the forefront of the conservation and protection of the amazing wildlife in our world, are so important to our future generations, ”said Senator Anitere Flores.

Veterinarians at Miami Zoo are federally accredited, knowledgeable about species and diseases, and are a valuable resource for state and federal agencies. The veterinary team consists of four vets, two vet technicians, a hospital manager and four zookeepers who manage preventive and urgent care for nearly 3,500 animals, many of which are critically endangered. The zoo’s animal health department offers programs for veterinary undergraduate, undergraduate and graduate students.

Miami Zoo works in partnership with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) as a sanctuary for native species that have been injured in the wild. The hospital also serves as a safe haven for particularly endangered birds and other species during severe storms and hurricanes.

“A world-class zoo like Miami Zoo, which brings our communities together in the name of conservation, really deserves our support,” said Rep. Anthony Rodriguez.

For more information and to offer your assistance, contact Ron Stayton, Chief Development Officer of the Zoo Miami Foundation at 305-255-5551 or [email protected]

For more information about Miami Zoo, visit www.zoomiami.org or call 305-255-5551.

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