Why Pastis Opening in Miami Is Such a Big Deal

Wynwood gets its own version of the legendary NYC bistro.

Another New York transplant opens in Miami, but this one deserves special mention. Pastis comes to us from famous restaurateurs Keith McNally and Stephen Starr, and its New York original has appeared in movies, TV shows and celebrity rags since it opened in 1999. And now, luckily, it’s coming to Wynwood. Read on to see why so many people are talking in Pastis, and why you should be excited to have it coming here soon, too.

Pastis (New York)Photo by Louise Palmberg

What is pastis and why is everyone so excited?

Pastis is a French bistro restaurant that opened in 1999 in the Meatpacking neighborhood of New York. Almost immediately, it became a place to see and see everything from Sarah Jessica Parker’s baby shower to Liv Tyler’s wedding. Like restaurateur Keith McNally’s many other restaurants, it relied heavily on French bistro fare like steak fries and seafood tours.

Pastis became famous among Gen-Xers and early millennials when it was first introduced during the last season of Sex and the Citywhen Carrie goes on a date that is interrupted by a plaintiff: “Ten thousand restaurants in New York and they’re all at Pastis.” The word “iconic” is tossed around almost as carelessly as “disregarded”, but in the case of Pastis it is actually true.

In 2014 it was closed to make room for restoration hardware. But five years later Pastis was born again, this time with the support of the famous restaurateur Stephen Starr. Pastis (New York)Pastis (New York)

Who is this Stephen Starr person?

Stephen Starr is a restaurateur who many people attribute to creating the modern day dining scene in Philadelphia. One of his most notable Parc, a French cafe that looks very similar Le zoo in Bal Harbor. That’s because Le Zoo is also a Stephen Starr restaurant and was actually modeled after the Parc. Rigid is similar behind it The time and Steak 954 in Lauderdale Beach, as well as sushi steadfast Makoto. And headed earlier Verde in the Perez Art Museum and in the now defunct Continental in South Beach.

His success in the French bistro space could be why original Pastis owner Keith McNally tapped him for Pastis’ comeback in 2019 and why he also leads the team that brings the restaurant to South Florida.

Pastis (New York)Pastis (New York)

What’s on the menu

Classic French bistro cuisine – think tuna tartare, niçoise salads, steak sandwiches, steak fries, and croque monsieur and madame sandwiches. Part of what made Pastis so alluring was that it was a fancy restaurant full of fancy people. So in theory, you or I could afford a table right next to Bono. If Bono didn’t buy up the five tables around him to make sure no one was sitting with him.

Pastis (New York)Pastis (New York)

What will this place look like?

According to initial reports, the restaurant at 380 NW 26th Street will have an area of ​​8,000 square meters with French bistro brilliance. That’s right across from where Iron Chef Morimoto just opened Momosan. It will be full of wooden boards, dark banquets (similar, according to esquire(to those used as makeshift motel rooms during Pastis’ heyday) and a curved zinc bar with a subway tile background. There will also be a mosaic tile floor and vintage mirrors. Sounds a lot like Le Zoo without the long drive to Bal Harbor.Le zooLe zoo

Why does it come to Wynwood?

In a press release, Starr said, “I’ve been keeping an eye on Wynwood for the past few years. I saw the vibrant and artistic district transform into a booming cultural center with an incredible restaurant scene. People want good food, energy, and a great location. Pastis Miami will be a perfect addition to the community. “Nice to hear, but nothing that anyone who has been in Wynwood for the past five years would not say.

But if in conversation with Page SixStarr worked out a little more. “It’s nice to go somewhere people go out and so many people are out,” he told the tabloid. “During the COVID disaster, it was partly Miami [our restaurants in] Washington DC, which kept our company going … so God bless Miami. “You’re welcome, Mr. Starr!

Sounds great! How do I make a reservation?

While the prospect of French food adjoining celebrities sounds tempting, Pastis Miami won’t open until the summer of 2022. If you know anything about the restaurant openings in Miami, it probably means sometime around New Years 2023. Even so, there is another hotspot to look forward to in a few years. And maybe a ballyhooed New York transplant that is really worth the wait.

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