Where to Eat on the Street: Miami’s 13 Essential Food Trucks

A food truck rally can be the ultimate conflict resolution tool for friends with different cravings. Everyone can get exactly what they want while enjoying each other’s company. But with dozens of options, deciding where to satisfy your appetite can be tricky.

We have compiled a list of 13 essential food trucks that you should keep your eyes and stomach open for.

Note: Restaurants are listed alphabetically.

BC tacos

This caveman-themed taco truck serves a variety of appropriately named tacos such as the chicken-filled “T-Rex,” the “Pulled Prehistoric Pork,” and the “Mammoth Mahi,” as well as items such as burgers, taco bowls, and s’mores Tacos. Find where it will be next here.

Whether it’s Boba tea or bubble tea, you can buy tapioca pearls at Boba Station, South Florida’s first Boba tea truck. With more than 20 beverage flavors and six toppings to choose from, the combinations of this popular Taiwanese beverage cart are endless. Here’s where it is today.

Tasting table

This truck prides itself on creating “traditionally untraditional” tacos that blend bold Mexican and Chinese flavors with Mediterranean hospitality. The bright red truck combines unexpected flavors to deliver dishes like “Kimchi Burger Tacos”, “Chow Mai Chicken Tacos” and “Chipotle Braised Jackfruit Carnitas”. Discover the whereabouts here.

Roaming hunger

These Miami staples have taken their fixed locations on wheels to bring “fritas” – Cuban-style burgers – closer to their fans. The burgers are topped with sauteed onions and french fries. You can see them rolling around Miami-Dade County or at any of their three permanent locations. You can find the current whereabouts here.

Tripleta SandwichBurger Beast

Known for its three-meat tripleta sandwich, this truck specializes in Puerto Rican street food and brings some of the island’s classics to South Florida. The “Tripleta Sandwich” is piled high with pork, churrasco, chicken, lettuce, potatoes and its pink sauce. Stay up to date with the latest moves here.

Food truck invasion

Describing themselves as “micro-dairy”, HipPOPs can be spotted at all major food truck events in town and offer a unique take on frozen indulgence. Try the “Frozen Hot Chocolate” served with a side of whipped cream, or make your own frozen gelato dessert, where diners choose a pop flavor, a “dip” and topping that conveniently lays on a stick is served. You can find the whereabouts here.

Burger Beast

This food truck pays homage to Venezuela’s embroiderable food. The most famous dish, the “luna”, is a grilled cornmeal patty or arepa that can be filled with slowly braised ground beef, avocado chicken salad or chorizo ​​and Gouda cheese of your choice. But that’s not all Mr. Good Stuff will cram. Also on the menu are stuffed green fried plantains, burgers, and hot dogs. Discover the whereabouts here.

Mrs. Cheezious

This grilled cheese cart was so popular that it created two permanent places to get your dose of grilled cheese on a daily basis. But it hasn’t forgotten its roots in the food truck as its turquoise blue truck still pops up all over town and every weekend at Wynwood’s Gramps waterhole. Follow his movements here.

Nacho Bizness

Contrary to the name, this taco truck should be for everyone. It brings Korean pork, jerk chicken and grilled fish into the tortilla fold to create cleverly named tacos like the “Kung Fu Tuna”, the “Marley” and the “Earthday”. You can find the current whereabouts here.

The South Florida Way

This food truck takes gourmet food to the streets and serves dishes like the “truffle burger”, which is topped with goat cheese, truffle oil and a fried quail egg. The recognizable purple truck can be spotted at many local breweries and events. You can find the current whereabouts here.

The health nut on wheels

Miguel Kristaly wanted The Health Nut on Wheels, a paleocentric truck that sources its ingredients responsibly to create nutritious food bowls to reintroduce what he calls “real food” to the Miami food truck scene. Here’s where it is today.

Miami Herald

With the recipes handed down for generations, this Mediterranean food truck cooks some Greek favorites such as lamb, pork, chicken or falafel gyros, stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita. Don’t forget to order the baklava for a sweet end to the meal. Follow his movements here.

Yōko Matcha

With their light green tea drinks and desserts, Chié Dambara and Evelyn Vigistain fuse Japanese and Miami flavors into highly Instagramable foods such as “Matcha Brigadeiros”, “Matcha Frappes” and “Matcha Pastelitos”. Wynwood Yard is the usual Yōko Matcha hangout, but keep up to date with the latest moves here.

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