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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – The Oklahoma City Police Department released a video Friday showing inmates pulling, beating and stabbing a prison guard before police shot and killed one who was holding a homemade knife to the prison guard’s neck.

The graphic video also shows police officers and sheriff MPs entering the capsule at the Oklahoma County Detention Center and shooting and killing 34-year-old inmate Curtis Montrell Williams, who was standing on the top of a landing with a knife to the prison inmate’s neck Daniel Misquez, who was on his knees. After Williams was shot, Misquez rushed down the stairs and officers dragged him to safety and exited the capsule. Misquez was being treated in a hospital for non-life threatening injuries, prison officials said.

Williams was the fifth inmate that year to die in prison, which has long been high turnover, overcrowded and escaped. Prison oversight was transferred from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office to a nine-person prison foundation last year.

Activists protested the conditions outside the Oklahoma County Detention Center last weekend, saying they were tough police tactics.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley said Friday that one of the reasons his department released the video shortly after the shooting was due to recommendations from a community task force the mayor released last year out of concerns about policing had launched.

“We will try to release information earlier in the future,” he said.

Police identified the officers who shot Williams as Lt. Coy Gilbert, a 23-year-old veteran; and officer Kevin Kuhlman, who has served five years. Both were put on administrative leave while an investigation was ongoing.

Gourley defended the officers’ decision to enter the capsule and use force.

“You have to try to save the hostage because of the situation,” said Gourley. “We can no longer sit there and watch him be brutalized or possibly killed.”

According to Gourley, officers were unable to immediately check out Williams or provide assistance because inmates moved freely in the pod, which housed 37 inmates and which had not been secured.

“When this initially happened the area wasn’t safe,” said Gourley. “They had to reformulate a plan, use less lethal and different equipment to reassemble to get in there.”

Williams’ family has criticized police and prison officials for their handling of the incident and called for the two officers and Gourley to be dismissed.

“He shouldn’t have lost his life behind these conditions up here and the stress he was under,” Williams’ stepfather Donald Lambert told reporters on Monday, The Oklahoman newspaper reported.

Gourley, who was hired as chief two years ago after 30 years in the department, said he had no plans to step down.

“I did not resign,” he said. “If I leave here, I will retire. I am a law enforcement officer with 32 years of experience and I am not resigning. I didn’t see anything here that would cause that. “

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