University of Miami architecture students tackle design project in NE Houston

McCord Development has partnered with the University of Miami School of Architecture to develop plans for a health and wellness district in Generation Park in northeast Houston.

The Houston-based developer aims to create a pedestrian-friendly, urban environment that focuses on community, connectivity and quality of life in the 200-acre Medical District, a future part of the 4,000-acre planned development along Beltway 8 near West Lake Houston Parkway.

The students who visited the site in February will share their visions for the district with the McCord team in May. The best ideas are shared by McCord on their website and social media.

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“Students love McCord’s vision of creating a better quality of life through design,” said Joanna Lombard, one of the instructors, in an announcement. “This opportunity gives students an opportunity to think critically, express their creativity, and take a hands-on approach to suggesting a new medical district that could really make an impact on the city of Houston.”

The spring semester coursework, which is part of the college’s Master of Urban Design and Master in Real Estate Development programs, is designed to give students the opportunity to develop sustainable urban and architectural principles and apply them to real-world scenarios. Participants include students from various master’s degrees, including architecture & urban planning, real estate development, law and medicine.

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McCord’s Gonzolo Echeverria came up with the idea for the partnership. The University of Miami School of Architecture graduate is McCord’s director of design and planning.

“We’re always excited to hear new ideas and perspectives from around the world,” said Ryan McCord, company president. “Our development team at Generation Park is here every day, so it helps to get people to see something in a different light. We’re always looking for creative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.”

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