Trillfest takes over Miami Marine Stadium on May 1 and 2

It’s official: concerts are back. The hip-hop festival Trillerfest will take over Miami Marine Stadium next week and bring two full days of live music to our city in over a year. The open air concert is scheduled for May 1st and 2nd and features Grammy winner Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Tyga on Saturday and Cris Cab and Gente de Zona on Sunday. Headliners will be performing hourly sets every night, which seems like a very long time to someone who barely makes it through an hour of TV programming without falling asleep, but we digress.

If you’ve seen footage from LIV’s opening weekend, you know Miami doesn’t care much about social distancing. The Trillerfest plans to do things a little differently, however, by opening on 1. People can buy tickets in three tiers that differ in price and location, but can hold up to six people each. Chairs are rented according to the “first come, first served” principle.

On May 2nd, the festival will be completely rebuilt, because the festival will become a drive-in cinema. You drive up, park your car in a designated area and watch from your vehicle (up to six people per car) or the private area right next to your parking lot. Think of it as a tailgate of food and drink to buy locally instead of having to lug your own there. Food trucks and several bars will be stationed on the entire site. You won’t get hungry or thirsty as long as you bring your credit card.

You don’t find the idea of ​​watching from your car appealing? Would you prefer to sit over a capsule in a suite? Trillerfest offers a selected number of VIP tickets for preferred seats near the stage, bar access, high-tops and of course bottle service. Because it would take a lot more than a pandemic to ruin a Miamian’s lifestyle.

Photo: Courtesy Festival

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