Tourist Considers Lawsuit After Rough Arrest Captured By Fort Lauderdale Police Bodycam – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Pennsylvania tourist says he is considering a lawsuit after the Fort Lauderdale police bodycam video appears to show an officer beating him during an incident in February.

A chaotic scene outside the Wharf nightclub in Fort Lauderdale.

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Francisco Moore was in town with his fiancée Tracey DeJesus and two others from Pennsylvania celebrating his birthday.

After an incident inside, police said they were trying to arrest Tracey. It didn’t take long for the trouble to start.

“Mr. Moore was holding Tracey’s hand, which Tracey is walking towards her attention. Mr. Moore’s arm is being pulled, and when his arm is being pulled with Tracey, Officer Paul takes this opportunity to grab Mr. Moore’s arm and hit him.” said the lawyer, Gustavo Frances.

Moore said he didn’t know what was going on, he was trying to go with Tracey, that no one told them they couldn’t go.

“He never said we were being arrested about anything, he never said we were being arrested. I was just trying to leave, ”said Francisco Moore.

Then it escalated that Moore was slapped several times in the face. We see it on a police bodycam video provided by Moore’s attorney. He said Fort Lauderdale police officer Alexander Paul delivered the beatings.

“Next I’ll be beaten on the floor again,” said Moore.

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“Moore is in the fetal position on the ground, security guards and police are hitting them pretty hard, knees, elbows, fists and officer Paul is on Mr. Moore’s head, he has to hit him 8-10 times,” says Gustavo.

In the police report, the policeman Paul tells a different story than Moore.

When dealing with someone else he said: “Francisco ran up to me and hit my head and face …”

Officer Paul said as he tried to hold Francisco Moore back, “… we both fell to the floor with Francisco lying on top of me in a dominant position.”

He said that after taking Moore from him, the officers struggled to tie him up and he said, “… delivered multiple distraction blows (open-closed fist) to his face / head area.”

Moore and his lawyer say the video and the police report do not match.

“That was definitely not true. As you can see from the video, this is far from the truth. I was just trying to leave, ”said Moore.

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“It’s the stuff you see on TV, in movies. He was framed. They are looking at the police report that says he hit a police officer in the face. It did not happen. It is an absolute falsehood, ”says Gustavo.

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