Tiffany Trump becomes campaign liability for Miami partying

Tiffany Trump is often joked as the “forgotten” child of President Donald Trump, but she made herself memorable this week by celebrating her 27th birthday in Miami during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her celebration made her even more memorable because she was the target of a #ByeTiffany ”campaign ad that attacked her father’s handling of the pandemic. The ad from MeidasTouch, an anti-Trump political action committee, spliced ​​news clips about America’s death toll, school closings and teenagers missed birthdays, graduations and weddings with tabloid coverage of Trump’s second daughter painting the city red, white and blue. ”


Retweet and watch until the end. # ByeTiffany

– (@MeidasTouch) October 15, 2020

Images in the ad showing Tiffany Trump wearing a sailor hat dancing and waving a sparkler appeared to undermine her speech at the Republican National Convention as she announced, “I can relate to the struggles of other young people during this national crisis “.

On Thursday afternoon, #ByeTiffany became a top trending topic on Twitter. The ad also encouraged social media users to share stories about loved ones who had lost them or who they had missed being with family in the past seven months.

The ad comes after the president openly denied masks and social distancing guidelines. Tiffany Trump, her siblings and stepmother Melania Trump were also criticized during the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29 for disregarding the mandatory masking rules.

A few days later, the President and First Lady announced that they had tested positive for COVID-19, and the White House is still grappling with an outbreak that includes Tiffany’s half-brother Barron Trump and numerous white aides, employees, and senior officials House infected. Profile Republicans. The outbreak is believed to have been traced back to an event in the rose garden that announced Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination for the Supreme Court.

Tiffany Trump’s two-day birthday party started with a sushi dinner at Miami hot spot Komodo on Sunday night. She and her friend Michael Boulos and her “troop” then went to another restaurant, where the owner greeted them “with a champagne parade with several bottles and sparklers and American flags”.

The following evening, Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend went to dinner and received a three-tier birthday cake, Vanity Fair reported. There were photos of her on each step, including one with her father. Tiffany Trump’s Miami visit came days before her father answered voters’ questions during an NBC city hall in Miami.

Tiffany Trump was not celebrating anything illegal in Miami, the Miami New Times reported. Last month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defied health officials’ recommendations during a still-active coronavirus pandemic by allowing restaurants to reopen for indoor dining at 100 percent capacity, Forbes added.

But Tiffany Trump’s celebration was viewed as deaf and far worse by the folks on Twitter:

My beloved sister died last fall. I live in toronto. She lived in Montreal and had a second home in Florida. As an executor, I had to deal with her estate – and all of her beautiful things – through Facetime. Much has disappeared, of course, including my family’s heirlooms. #ByeTiffany # COVID19

– Antonia Zerbisias (@AntoniaZ) October 15, 2020

I haven’t met my beautiful little granddaughter Valentina Solé. She was born in Miami in May. Her nanny gave her Covid-19 when she was 2 weeks old. She was in the hospital for a week. She is fine now and I see her on FaceTime. I don’t know what it smells like. #ByeTiffany

– Violetaflores (@violetaflores) October 15, 2020

Being the subject of an ad for political aggression is uncharted territory for the youngest graduate of Georgetown University, who mostly stayed out of the spotlight until the Republican National Convention in August when she said, “A vote for my father … is a vote to uphold our American ideals. “

On a personal level, Tiffany Trump has received long reports that she is not very close to her father or half-siblings because she did not grow up with them but from her mother, Marla Maples, in California.

In the family, Tiffany Trump was referred to as a “red-haired stepchild,” wrote Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen in his book Disloyal: A Memoir. It was one of the many ways Cohen said she was belittled and treated differently from her siblings. Cohen also wrote that Ivanka Trump joined this “casual cruelty” because she “jealously guarded her position as Trump’s favorite and surrogate mother, even at the expense of her vulnerable younger sister.”

Ivanka Trump has tried to counter such reports of negative feelings toward her half-sister over the past few years, but her efforts to show sisterly ties failed this week when she wished Tiffany a happy birthday on Twitter – and she tagged the wrong Tiffany Trump, reported the Daily Dot. Tiffany Trump’s Twitter handle is @TiffanyATrump. However, the account tagged with Ivanka Trump appears to be a bot account.

Happy birthday @tiffanytrump!
Hope this year marks your best turn around the sun so far! Love you very much! ❤️

– Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) October 13, 2020

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