Things to Do in Miami: SOBEWFF Foodie Movie Night With Valerie Bertinelli February 22, 2020


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The acclaimed actress and presenter of the Food Network, Valerie Bertinelli, is once again attending the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF). Bertinelli has been featured at the annual food event for the past five years, which coincides with the debut of her Food Network series Valerie’s Home Cooking.

In addition to hosting a culinary demonstration at the Grand Tasting Village, Bertinelli will host a brand new event during this year’s festival. The Park Foodie Movie Night, which is partly sponsored by the Miami Film Festival, is a family-friendly evening that combines the worlds of food and film. Who better to house than a woman who has a history in both areas?

“There will be food, there will be drinks and it will just be a lot of fun for everyone,” said Bertinelli of the event. The movie chosen for the big screen is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The actress admits it’s been a while since she saw it, but describes the 2009 film as “a fun, magical food movie”.

Guests also have the opportunity to chat with Bertinelli. “I’ll talk a little, do a meet-and-greet, walk around and see the movie with everyone,” she says. “I’ll be there to just have a good time.”

The Italian cook and a native of Delaware says her favorite part of the annual food festival is meeting the people who are attending and attending. “I love meeting chefs and people I know, but I really look forward to meeting everyone who comes out for the events.”

Fans will recognize Bertinelli from her time as a sitcom TV actor. She starred in the original 1975 comedy One Day at a Time as Barbara Cooper and on CBS’s Hot in Cleveland for the show’s entire six seasons from 2010 to 2015. It was around the time she decided to work on Hot in Complete Cleveland Turn things around in her career. “I cooked longer than I played,” she admits. “We were a very food-conscious Italian family that grew up.”

She published her first cookbook, the cleverly titled One Dish at a Time, and came up with an idea. “I called Food Network and presented them with an idea for a cooking show where I would travel around Italy to discover new recipes and talk about my Italian origins,” says Bertinelli. “She wasn’t interested in that.”

However, the network was interested in Bertinelli. They passed on their original concept, but offered her an afternoon kitchen-style show. She notes that other famous food women have started a 30-minute program on the Food Network, including Rachael Ray, Ree Drummond (also known as the Pioneer Woman), and Trisha Yearwood.

“I said of course and took the opportunity!” says Bertinelli, who will soon begin filming season 11 of Valerie’s Home Cooking.

She is working on the recipes for the next season, which should go into production at the end of February. She’ll go straight to a TV from South Beach.

Bertinelli finds inspiration for her recipes in the simplest and most reliable way: through food. “When I go out to restaurants or with friends, I always look for a meal that piques my interest,” she says. She lets the taste linger on the palate before getting creative by adding or subtracting ingredients to prepare a new dish. “I take what I can of the initial flavors that I love and turn it into something new that is easy to make at home.”

As the title of her show suggests, in every episode Bertinelli invites people to his home and cooks for them. “I always try to find simple recipes because I want people’s lives in the kitchen to be easier,” she says. “I want my life in the kitchen to be easier too. I want a really great meal with minimal clutter and tidying up. “

Bertinelli’s favorite ingredient is not something traditionally Italian like cheese or olive oil, but something round and light. “I love lemons!” She cries. “I love its versatility and how it can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. I just think it’s the most versatile fruit we have – and it kept me from feeling sick when I was pregnant, ”she adds with a laugh.

As an homage to her favorite fruit, the cook calls her loyal followers the “lemon stem”. Bertinelli says she has received hundreds of direct messages with pictures of lemons from followers on social media. “Every time you come across a lemon, they think of me,” she says of her fans. “It just makes me so happy, so I thought we could all be a lemon stem together. This is where the term comes from. ”

Bertinelli’s lemon stem can be caught on Saturday, February 22nd, at Foodie Movie Night in the park and on Sunday, February 23rd, in the Grand Tasting Village.

Valerie Bertinelli hosts the Foodie Movie Night in the park. Saturday, February 22nd, 7pm at Peter Bluesten Park, 501 SE First Ave., Hallandale Beach. Tickets are $ 25 via

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