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(CNN) – Just when we thought Crocs couldn’t get any stranger, a new version of the foam clog features a psychedelic design with glowing mushrooms.

The “Diplo X Crocs” are the shoe brand’s latest celebrity collaboration, this time with Grammy-winning DJ and producer Diplo.

Crocs said the limited edition, which goes on sale online June 8, features two designs. The first is a trippy take on the classic Crocs clog, adorned with pink, blue, and yellow swirls. The whole thing is rounded off by three-dimensional glowing mushroom pendants that you can pop onto the top of the shoe. The price is $ 70.

The second design is Croc’s slip-on sandal with two straps. Priced at $ 50, it has the same swirl of color design with eight attachable glow-in-the-dark charms.

The often mocked “ugly” clog from Crocs became the pandemic’s favorite shoe for comfort-seeking consumers. In addition to having its best ever sales in 2020, the company continues to include high-profile celebrity and brand collaborations that Gen Z and millennial shoppers cannot resist.

These included special-edition collaborations with Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and the fast-food chain KFC, which featured clip-on charms that looked and smelled like fried chicken. Crocs’ glow-in-the-dark collaboration with Latin American trap artist Bad Bunny quickly sold out after its release last September.

In April, a limited edition of $ 50 glowing, bright red Adult Lightning McQueen clogs based on the Disney / Pixar character from “Cars” sold out in less than an hour after they were purchased online has been released.

“Some (of our collaborations) are geared towards acquiring new customers and being able to commercialize them in the future,” Crocs CEO Andrew Rees told analysts during a conference call in April. “And some of them are designed to be interesting and interesting. We will enter into further international partnerships in 2021. “

Crocs said its previous collaborations usually sold out within hours.

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