There’s a rooftop hot tub cinema opening in Miami Beach

First came the drive-in, then the boat-in – Miami’s most popular alternative to the growing outdoor film trend – and soon you are sitting in a warm, inflatable pool with your friends on a roof in South Beach, watching a movie.

This August fans of bohemian cinema have the chance to experience Hot Tub Party & Cinema, a summer pop-up with more buzzwords than we know what to do. It bills itself as “the best place to see the beauty of movies,” which might very well be true if you were, say, a California raisin. Sitting in one meter of water for two hours seems like a recipe for permanently shrunken skin. But we digress.

According to his Instagram page, the cinema will be in the 1111 Lincoln Road parking lot. It offers panoramic city views and a rooftop lounge that sells food and drinks. Outdoor theater seating will be in the form of 20 inflatable hot tubs with LED lighting. Each pool seems to comfortably accommodate four or six people if being around other half-naked people isn’t an issue.

Timetables and prices have not yet been released, but there is a competition now, so be sure to check out Hot Tub Party on Instagram to win tickets for you and three friends. We’re not connected – just deeply curious and admittedly hopeful, one of you reporting on the condition of your circumcised fingers (and other things).

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