The Seven Best Christmas Cocktails in Miami 2020

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Merry Phucing Christmas with a Santa full of sangria in Phuc Yea

Photo courtesy Phuc Yea

Twenty was a doozy. So if a stiff drink is high on your Christmas list, South Florida bartenders are eager to cook like Santa’s elves and shake up whimsical drinks that are sure to revive your Christmas cheer.

From creamy frozen coquito to holiday-themed martinis, here are Miami’s most festive holiday libations.

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Sleigh My Name - photo courtesy AMERICAN SOCIAL

Sledge my name

Photo courtesy American Social

American society

690 SW First Ct., Miami
Dust off your Santa hat and head to American Social for the refreshing “Sleigh My Name” ($ 14), an herbaceous sipper made from vodka and chartreuse paired with fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary. Guests can also enjoy frozen coquito served in a tiki cup and a chai made old-fashioned with chai tea syrup and bittersweet walnut ($ 14 each).

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Swap your store-bought eggnog for a prickly horchata this Christmas season - PHOTO PROMOTED BY COYO TACO

Swap your store-bought eggnog for a sharp horchata this Christmas season

Photo courtesy Coyo Taco

Coyo taco

Different places
Swap the store-bought eggnog and opt for a zesty horchata from Coyo instead. The traditional Mexican rice drink is peppered with Havana Club rum and full of cinnamon. It can be enjoyed on-site with tacos for $ 7 a glass, or shared at home by purchasing a pint to go mug ($ 25). Orders can be placed online for takeaway or delivery from any of Coyo’s locations in South Florida; the horchata is available until New Year’s Day.

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Festive offerings with a view of the deck.  - PHOTO WITH PROMOTION OF THE CEILING

Festive offerings with a view of the deck.

Courtesy photo of the deck

The deck in Island Gardens

888 MacArthur Cswy., Miami
Seasonal offerings at the waterfront destination this year include the “Jolly Nightcap,” made with Bailey’s Irish cream, vodka, and raspberry and chocolate sauces ($ 18); and the old-fashioned cranberry, stirred with Crown Royal, fresh cranberry juice, lime, and a sprig of rosemary ($ 18).

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‘Tis Coquito season at the Ritz-Carlton

Photo courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

Lapidus Bar in the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

1 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Curl up in the lobby bar at the Ritz-Carlton and enjoy a chilled glass of Coquito ($ 18). Served in a coupé, the coquito is enriched with Havana Club Añejo, condensed milk, coconut and aniseed. It’s the perfect drunk reward after a long day of shopping on Lincoln Road.

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Is it even Christmas without eggnog?  - PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of DANA AGENCY

Is it even Christmas without eggnog?

Photo courtesy of Dana Agency

Miami’s Vice Canteen at the Lincoln Eatery

723 Lincoln Ln. N., Miami Beach
Eggnog fans should head to Miami’s Vice Canteen at Lincoln Eatery for an extra-alcoholic version of the vacation treat. Crème Anglaise meets a trio of brandy, rum and bourbon and ensures a robust finish. Only one of these will have you swinging around the Christmas tree ($ 11).

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See the

See the “Mistletoe Martini”

Photo courtesy of the Mighty

The powerful

2224 Coral Way, Miami
Spontaneous kisses under the mistletoe are an absolute no-go this Christmas season, why not curl up to a “mistletoe martini” instead? This ruby ​​red drink combines sugar cane syrup, vodka, and lime, then topped with fresh cranberries and a sugared rim ($ 12). For something more traditional, try an iced Irish coffee made from Cold Brew, Tullamore Dew, and Kahlúa and topped with whipped cream ($ 12).

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Have a

Merry Phucing Christmas with a Santa full of sangria in Phuc Yea

Photo courtesy Phuc Yea

Phuc yes

7100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami
Decked out with floor-to-ceiling Christmas decorations, Phuc Yea is the place where Santa would stop for a nightcap after a long day of toy making. The Viet Cajun restaurant offers a limited “Merry Phucing Christmas” cocktail menu, which includes the “Drink Up Grinches”, a seasonal reef on a classic cosmo made with pickled cranberries, Bombay gin, Cocchi Americano and mandarin liqueur and topped with carbonated cava ($ 15). Other options include frozen coquito ($ 15) and sangria served in a Christmas mug ($ 15).

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