The founding class of Florida’s only public boarding school, the SEED School of Miami, graduates from the Concours Club Racetrack.

The first graduating class of the SEED School of Miami, Florida’s first and only public boarding school, made history as the class of 2021 at Locka Executive’s 12th Airport.

The Concours Club, generous partner of SEED Miami, hosted the SEED Miami graduation ceremony. The Concours Club is a state-of-the-art automotive resort built between the runways of Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport in the heart of urban Miami. The ceremony took place in the club’s South Paddock next to the circuit, where students received their diplomas on the specially designed stage. Guests observed from their vehicles while listening over a dedicated FM radio signal to ensure COVID safety protocols were being followed.

SEED Miami received the pioneer Bill Lester as the first keynote speaker at the end. Bill Lester is a member of a rare group of African Americans who have raced in the NASCAR Cup series. After training as an electrical engineer and computer scientist, Bill worked for the Hewlett-Packard Company for 15 years. But he left the high-tech industry to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a professional racing driver. His professional racing career spanned over a decade at the highest levels of the sport. Bill’s unique story outlines a less traveled path and is a similar story of inspiration and hope for SEED children.

SEED School of Miami is committed to helping students who most need a 24-hour learning environment. Their mission is to provide an outstanding educational program that enables students to thrive both academically and socially in college and beyond. SEED takes the time that comes with a 24-hour program beyond the traditional school day and teaches students how to succeed in a rigorous academic environment, be ready for college, and develop essential character traits for lifelong success.

100% of SEED’s senior scholarship holders have entered 2- or 4-year college studies


• The following scholars have won Core Values ​​Awards:

· Growth: Brandon Dominguez

· Integrity: Harri-Anna Derolus

· Responsibility: Tracy Joseph

· Respect: Eduvina Bueso

· Gratitude: Jimmy Guerra

· Compassion: Kendra Tyson

Endurance: Vaughn Harris, Jr.

The winners of the headmaster’s award were:

· Maliya Williams

· Nigel Lewis

In addition, the following college scholarships totaling over $ 38,000 have been awarded:

Isicoff Scholarship: Brandon Dominguez, $ 2,500

Battier Take Charge Foundation Scholarship: Nigel Lewis $ 3,000

Rothstein Fellowship: Nigel Lewis, $ 2,500

Miller-Steinaker Scholarship: Harri-Anna Derolus, $ 4,500

Israelson Family Scholarship: Vaughn Harris, $ 10,000

Garner Family Foundation: Harri-Anna Derolus, $ 5,000

Reed for SEED Scholarship: Rebecca Mitchell, $ 1,500 & Vaughn Harris, $ 3,000

· Gannon Family Grant: Owen Navas, $ 2,500

Kirk Foundation Scholarship: Tytianna Silimon, $ 2,000

Jerico Evans Memorial Scholarship: Jimmy Guerra, $ 1,000

Xantrece Washington Memorial Scholarship: Tracy Joseph, $ 1,000

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