The Fendi and Dior Cafés in Miami’s Design District: Are They Worth the Price?

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The centerpiece / selfie-taking station of the Dior Café.

Photo by Aaliyah Pasols

If Miami is known for one thing besides party and pastelitos, it is for the abundance of bougieness: the eye-catching cars, the designer accessories, the expensive cocktails – and all the Instagram stories that go with them.

Perhaps that is why Miami has not just one, but two designer cafés. The Dior Café opened as a pop-up in January 2019, but has been so successful that it now has an open run. Last May, the Fendi Caffè was opened in the OTL restaurant. It will last until Tuesday, July 6th, as a pop-up. Both are located in the Miami Design District, one street apart.

The trendy cafes were unavoidable on social media – but that’s because they were probably created with that in mind. Aside from the opportunity for the perfect Instagram post, is a $ 25 coffee worth the money in one of these designer pop-ups?

On a Saturday afternoon, Fendi Caffè had a line that started at the counter and ended between the actual Fendi store and the cafe, right under the Florida afternoon sun.

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QR codes on the front door lead to a website with the menu, some free digital stickers, and an Instagram filter.

The interior of the café is bathed in Fendi’s signature yellow, inspired by the brand’s Fendi FF Vertigo Summer 2021 capsule collection, created in collaboration with artist Sarah Coleman.

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Avocado toast in the Fendi pop-up.  - PHOTO BY AALIYAH PASOLS

Avocado toast in the Fendi pop-up.

Photo by Aaliyah Pasols

Menu items include Fendi-branded French toast ($ 11), grilled cheese ($ 12), and avocado toast ($ 11).

Drinks include an iced coffee ($ 4.50), a “coco” lemonade with coconut water ($ 5.50), and the “In Pursuit of Tea,” which is basically your choice of tea ($ 4).

We ordered french toast and a grilled cheese. After waiting 25 minutes the toast came, about 15 minutes later the grilled cheese.

The french toast was sprinkled with sugar and came with a side of maple syrup and fresh blueberries and strawberries. The syrup was sweet, the brioche toast soft and buttery. The grilled cheese was adorned with two tiny paper flags adorned with a psychedelic Fendi pattern – really the only thing that set the sandwich apart from any other grilled cheese in Miami.

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A Dior Cafe Cafe for $ 25 - PHOTO BY AALIYAH PASOLS

A $ 25 Dior Cafe coffee

Photo by Aaliyah Pasols

To get to the Dior Café you need to go through the store and pass all kinds of Dior clothing and accessories as you climb the mirrored stairs to the second floor. From there you will be directed to an elevator that takes you to the third floor.

The café is a small roof terrace with lush greenery all around. Various animal sculptures are scattered throughout the room and furnished with patio furniture that supports Dior-branded cushions and umbrellas. The centerpiece is a selfie magnet in the form of the brand name written in large golden capital letters with a life-size sculpture of a monkey sitting cheekily on the R. All of the outside area is fitted with fans to ease the Miami heat.

A waitress helped decipher vague names on the menu, such as “J’Adore” and “Dior Bee”. As with Dior’s iconic handbags, the prices are extravagant. An avocado toast is $ 23 while a Greek organic yogurt with granola and berries checks in for $ 19. Sweet offerings include a mousse-like dessert called “Coconut Delice” and the aforementioned “J’Adore”, a mango mousse. Each dessert came with a Dior chocolate on the side.

This chocolate was delicious, but the service was of the highest standard. When my friend dropped his candy on the floor, our waiter noticed and quickly delivered a replacement on a plate with two dabs of whipped cream and a blue syrup “smile” to make a smiley face.

The “Dior Café Miami” costs 25 US dollars and is a frozen coffee drink that is served in a margarita glass, covered with the Christian Dior logo in cocoa powder and adorned with a green mini tropical umbrella. The drink was delicious, but $ 25 is a little overpriced for a drink without the kiss of booze to ease the pain.

If you’re on a budget and just want to dine at Dior, the drinks are the cheapest menu options: espresso, espresso macchiato, and good ol ‘American Coca-Cola are $ 8 per person.

Overall, Dior Café brings the vibes, design, presentation and service that matches the brand. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s a quality experience.

Fendi Caffè Pop-Up at OTL. 160 NE 40th St., Miami; Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Tuesday, July 6th is the last day of the pop-up.)

Dior cafe. 162 NE 39th St., Miami; Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday noon to 6 p.m.

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