The 8 Essential Miami Food Trucks

And they said that food trucks were just a fad. Since its introduction in South Florida in 2010, meals on wheels have grown in popularity with dozens and dozen of choices on the street. With so many options, what options are worth your time – and calories?

Below we’ve summarized eight important food trucks that anyone looking for food on the go should try.

Purple People Eatery

[Photo Courtesy of Purple People Eatery]

This food truck specializes in “fresh, freaky street food” and serves dishes such as burgers with goat cheese, truffles and fried eggs, mahi mahi tacos, and “award-winning” macs and cheeses. Here you can find out the current whereabouts.

Latin burger and taco

[Photo Courtesy of]

One of the first food trucks in Miami, Latin Burger and Taco, is still going strong after all these years. Check out its namesake Latin burger too Chuck, sirloin and Argentinian chorizo, special condiments, oaxacan cheese, sauteed onions and jalapeños or a taco filled with pulled pork or chicken. Find out where it will be next.

Mrs. Cheezious

[Photo Courtesy of Ms. Cheezious]

This grilled cheese cart is so popular that it has now created a permanent place to get your cheesy ingredients on a daily basis. But it hasn’t forgotten its roots in the food truck, with its signature turquoise blue truck still popping up all over town and every weekend at Wynwood’s Gramps waterhole. Follow their movements here.


[Photo Courtesy of HipPOPs]

HipPOPs who call themselves “micro-dairy” can be seen at all of the major food truck events in town serving their unique take on the frozen treats like the “frozen hot chocolate” that one side of whip cream served, or prepare your own frozen dessert, where you choose the taste, your chocolate “dip” and your toppings, all served comfortably on a stick. You can find the whereabouts here.

BC tacos

[Photo Courtesy of BC Tacos]

This caveman-themed taco truck serves a variety of appropriately named tacos such as the chicken-filled “T-Rex,” the “Pulled Prehistoric Pork,” and the “Mammoth Mahi,” as well as burgers, taco shells, and s’mores. Tacos. Find where it will be next here.

Marlie’s joys

[Photo Courtesy of Marlie’s Delights]

This dessert truck makes over the top desserts that are both baked and frozen. Dishes are always spinning, but items like Nutella Flan, Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls, and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches usually spin. This way, find out where it will be next.

Dim Ssäm in abundance

[Photo Courtesy of]

An offshoot of the midtown staple Sakaya Kitchen, this truck has served unique, people-friendly favorites like pork belly rolls, short rib tater tots, and ginger Brussels sprouts for years. Here you can find out everything that happens.

Jefe’s original fish taco and burger

[Photo Courtesy of Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burger]

This taco and burger truck, another restaurant that became a permanent food truck, made a name for itself with its California-style fish tacos. But with five different flavors, the burgers definitely don’t take a back seat. Follow here where it rolls to the next one.

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