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We have a lot of odd jobs in South Florida. Most of them contain alligators in some form.

Not the next in Miami Beach we’re going to show you. But if you look carefully you will see a cute little crab.

Fitness went outdoors in 2020, but it was always underwater for some local extreme coaches.

When you think of a coach, this probably doesn’t come to mind.

Ricardo Gonsalves: “We have underwater weights, basically kettlebells, and we have distances that are marked under the ocean.”

At Revibe Miami, sweat isn’t the only thing keeping these certified instructors wet.

Ricardo Gonsalves: “We have the first underwater running track in the world.”

The professionals here use extreme performance training.

Ricardo Gonsalves: “We have different methods, starting with XPT Life 3 pillars, which are breathing, movement and recovery.”

This may be a casual job, but the benefits are universal.

Ricardo Gonsalves: “The more you go to the water, the more you release the best hormones, the best spirit in the community and bring it back to the mainland.”

The trainers had to learn the same routine as their clients: a warm up at sunrise, followed by a short boot camp and an adventure on the sea!

Ricardo Gonsalves: “First you learn how to sink so that you are in control under the sea.”

Now the dreaded training.

Ricardo Gonsalves: “We have different types of exercises. The easiest way is to go down, grab the kettlebell, and only run 20 meters from side to side. “

And things get really lazy there.

Ricardo Gonsalves: “We normally spend 90 minutes in the water to finish a whole distance. For an experienced reviber, it can take about four to six minutes, depending on the exercise. “

And when you reach the peak of a “fishy” testimony …

Ricardo Gonsalves: “We have a nice surprise, an underwater Buddha waiting for you to reach your Zen state and giving you the strength to maintain your Zen state throughout the day.”

Besides, the new outside is inside.

Elias Borges: “It has been proven that you feel happier and more connected by the sea.”


Revibe Miami
Monday to Sunday from 5:55 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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