Sunshine Mills Expands Dog Food Recall Over Mold Concerns – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sunshine Mills is expanding its recall to include products that may contain high levels of toxic mold.

The company, which first announced the recall a month ago, said the products may contain high levels of aflatoxin, a naturally occurring mold by-product.

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Aflatoxin can be harmful to pets if consumed in significant amounts.

Dogs affected by the toxin may be sluggish and reluctant to eat.

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Vomiting and yellowing of the eyes may also be symptoms.

Champ®, Field Trial®, Good Dog, Hunter’s Special®, Old Glory®, Paws Happy Life®, Pet Expert, Principle, Retriever®, River Bend, Sportsman’s Pride®, Sprout®, Thrifty®, Top Runner® or Whiskers & Tail tags are all part of the latest recall.

Retailers have been asked to pull the products out of their inventory. Customers can return them to the same store for a full refund.

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For more information and a list of the recalled products, visit the FDA website here.

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