Students list what they love about Miami for ‘305 Day’

March 5th has been set as the special time for the celebration of the magical city. Weather, food, culture, and the proximity to beaches are among the university students’ favorites.

White sandy beaches, warm weather all year round and a multitude of living cultures – what can you not love about life in the “3-0-5”? On March 5th, the city of Miami celebrates the 305th day, an unofficial tribute to the magical city.

On this 305-day day, University of Miami students share some of their favorite things, places, and reasons for living in Miami.

Marcel Van Henert

Marcel Van Henert, a freshman studying international relations and geography, is from Miami.

“What I love most about Miami is the weather. I like the way the sun shines and the wind blows. It’s just all very relaxing and calming for me. The people are great here too; I think it’s great how cultivated our city is. We have people from all over the world who come to Miami to live, work and play. I think that’s such a nice thing that we have in our city. Part of me will always love Miami. That’s all I’ve known for 18 years. To say I love it could be a gross understatement. “

Rachel Norcraft

Rachel Norcraft, Ph.D. A student in the English Department, originally from New Hampshire. She says Miami’s vibrant cultural and art scene drew her to the city.

“I’m a dancer, so there’s a lot of Afro-Cuban dancing here. What got me here is my favorite thing to do in Miami – all the music, art, and dance that comes from the Caribbean. Miami is the city where everything comes together. It was amazing to see that people are still making everything possible despite COVID. “

Anabella Zambrano

Anabella Zambrano, a senior citizen studying broadcast journalism, was born and raised in Pembroke Pines. Zambrano recalls coming to Miami frequently during his childhood to check out Miami’s food scene.

“My favorite thing in Miami is going to the different restaurants in every culture. I’m from Venezuela and I think it’s great that I can find good Venezuelan restaurants everywhere here. I also love that I can find tons of restaurants from different cultures all over town. I’m a foodie so I love being in a place that has such different flavors. “

Martina Lasen Harsch

Martina Lasen Harsch, a first year biology student, was born in Santiago, Chile, and grew up there. For them, living in Miami was the perfect amalgamation of weather, big city life, and coastal escape.

“I love having warm weather all year round. I also like the atmosphere of living in a big city like Miami. And of course to have South Beach so close. That’s why I came here to study. “

Mike Amuela

Mike Amuela, a freshman college student studying broadcast journalism, grew up in Pembroke Pines.

“Everything and everyone in this city is so open; It’s like a huge community. I grew up growing up in Miami. Living here now is great because it still feels so close to home. If someone were to visit Miami I would probably send them straight to South Beach – to see why I love it here – or maybe to a heat basketball game. “

Cannon McClure

Cannon McClure, a junior studying vocal performance at the Frost School of Music, was originally from Dallas. She said finding a school with an excellent academic program, tropical weather, and – a local favorite – Publix made her decision to move to Miami an easy one.

“Most of the other music schools I’ve been to are in very cold places. I love the weather in Miami. I really love Publix too. I think it’s the best grocery store in the world, ”she said. “It’s also great to be so close to a big city when there is no COVID. There is always something new to do, places to visit, or restaurants to try. “

Students wishing to celebrate 305 DAYS on campus can attend the Category 5 event from 2pm to 4pm on the Lakeside Patio.

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