South Florida Lawmakers Calling On Governor To Reconsider Plan To Send Law Enforcement Resources To Border States – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Many lawmakers, heads of state, and activists are urging the governor to send aid home before sending law enforcement resources to other states.

“I think it’s the right thing to do, but I also believe what’s going on there is having an impact on communities across the country that are not necessarily on the border,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

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DeSantis defended its decision to deploy law enforcement officers from across the state in response to the Texas and Arizona border crises.

It comes as Florida continues to indict the Biden government in federal court over immigration enforcement.

“Well, is it worse than anything anyone has ever seen down there? There are caravans that are on their way and pour over the border. They absolutely have the cartels taking full advantage of what is going on on our southern border. And that affects nationwide. For example, in Martin County in May, an 82-year-old woman was raped by a criminal illegal alien, ”the governor said.

The governor insists that Florida will help prevent illegal immigration by reducing crime in the state.

In response, Miami-Dade Mayoress Daniella Levine Cava issued a statement stating: “The governor has to report to the El Mula Banquet Hall tragedy and other shootings a few weeks ago. I welcome the opportunity to share with him the robust enforcement and prevention strategies we are employing in Miami-Dade and how we can work with the state to prevent gun violence, get firearms out of the hands of criminals, and all for safety of our communities. “

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Also on Thursday, members of the Senate Democratic Caucus wrote to DeSantis saying they wanted him to attend to the Floridians’ needs first.

“The federal government has already put additional resources into the areas in question and there is no need for him to divert and sacrifice our security. The safety of Florida residents, ”said Lauren Book, Democratic chairwoman of the Florida Senate.

With the recent spike in violence in Florida, Book said the governor should reconsider.

“Children die in the street and it’s not in the hands of immigrants crossing the border,” she said. “And the distraction of law enforcement officers from their local community, where they are so badly needed, will hamper our efforts to combat the kind of violence we see.”

The officials will come from the state and several local authorities.

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It’s not clear how the governor will pay for this.

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