Snoop Dogg’s Indoggo Gin Release Party at the Goodtime Hotel Miami Beach

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Snoop Dogg launched Indoggo, a strawberry-flavored gin.

Photo by Beast Williams

It’s not uncommon for a celebrity to throw a party in Miami Beach. It’s also not uncommon for cocktails to be involved.

But if a celebrity – in this case, Snoop Dogg – is hosting a cocktail class to bring their strawberry gin, Indoggo, to the market, go. To stay on the strawberry theme, this class was held at Strawberry Moon at the Goodtime Hotel, a collaboration between David Grutman and Pharrell Williams.

The afternoon didn’t start out promisingly when Snoop Dogg didn’t show up. In his place, the hands-on cocktail class was led by actor and BET host Terrence J and Indoggo partner Keenan Towns.

The simple drinks – a gin and tonic with basil and a gin and lemonade – should underline the new spirit rather than teaching a master class in bartending: We are on deck.

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At under $ 30, the indigo bottle would be an elegant addition to your home bar. (The name Indoggo is a mixture of Snoop Dogg’s nickname and the name of his favorite cannabis strain, Indigo.) Thankfully, the gin isn’t colored fake pink. The scent is more like strawberry jam than freshly picked fruit. Although the gin is described as being made with seven botanicals including orange, coriander and cassia, strawberry is the dominant flavor, hiding the typical notes of juniper, pine and citrus. The corn-based spirit is gluten-free and contains neither added sugar nor artificial flavors.

The taste is … divisive.

Lovers of traditional gins might find Indoggo too much fruit bomb and lack the subtlety and depth of a traditional gin.

On the flip side, people who aren’t ardent fans of the spirit might find Indoggo a pleasant transition to gin drinkers.

Keenan Towns, co-founder of Trusted Spirits with Marc Weisberg, a liquor brand developer who worked with Snoop Dogg on gin, says Calvin Broadus Jr. (Snoop’s first name) knew exactly what he wanted when it came to his imprimatur to stamp a bottle. “The conversation started with me asking Snoop what he likes to drink. When he said he was into vodka-cranberry, I suggested we make some vodka. ”

However, despite the continued popularity of Snoop’s 1994 hit “Gin & Juice”, the rapper was adamant about the spirit he wanted to brand.

Towns says, “He asked me to make him a gin that drinks like a vodka.”

The first task was to ask people what they don’t like about traditional gins.

“People said gins were too pine-like or strong and hot,” says Towns, adding that Indoggo did the trick. “We took away all the stuff people didn’t like about gin and gave them this beautiful strawberry essence.”

Towns says the strawberry notes work well in most gin cocktails, from Negroni to French 75 to classic gin and tonic. It also works with a dash of lime and a dash of club soda.

Indoggo was released in October 2020 when clubs and bars were still tight. Fortunately, Towns says, the liquor stores kept the brand afloat. The liquor expert says his company plans to add celebrity-backed tequilas, whiskeys and a sangria to its portfolio.

But the first assignment was to introduce Miami to Indoggo. Towns says the Spirit got its biggest compliment yet when David Grutman, co-owner of the Goodtime Hotel, told it to stop comparing it to vodka.

“He told me not to try to fit in the vodka box and that we have a great gin.

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