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Alpha titans duck around the globe, cowboys swarm in Philadelphia and Michelle Pfeiffer moves to Paris. Neither of these things are related except being movies in this week’s Showtime.

Caleb McLaughlin (as Cole): “Yo! There’s a horse in your house. “

Rise! Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin star in Netflix’s new drama “Concrete Cowboy”.

The film is about a troubled teenager who was sent to live with his father and discover the world of urban riding, which is a real thing in Philadelphia.

According to Idris, the cast learned a lot about the culture while filming.

Idris Elba: “There wasn’t a day where we didn’t learn anything new and then tried to include it in the film so that it felt as authentic as possible.”

Susan Coyne (as Joan): “The chickens chuckle.”

Michelle Pfeiffer (as Frances Price): “Are you saying I’m broke?”

Susan Coyne (as Joan): “They are. What about my apartment in Paris? It just sits empty. “

Sounds like a plan I guess. Michelle Pfeiffer plays the lead role in the dramedy “French Exit”.

She plays a celebrity who gets up and moves to Oaris as soon as she burns her late husband’s inheritance. That’s why we have financial advisors.

William Sadler (as Father Hagan): “When God builds a church, the devil builds a chapel next door.”

Cricket Brown (as Alice): “Don’t doubt her. Doubt weakens faith. “

Heaven helps Jeffrey Dean Morgan on “The Unholy”. Morgan plays a reporter sent to investigate a girl with a connection to the Virgin Mary … or so they think.

Jeffrey needs to find out if she’s heavenly or hellishly.

Rebecca Hall (as Ilene Andrews): “It’s Godzilla.”

It. Is. On!

“Godzilla versus Kong” is exactly what it sounds like: Godzilla fights King Kong. Only one can rule the highest.

We’re not really sure about that. We don’t know the official rules of epic monster battles.

But the film has a star-studded human cast, including Rebecca Hall. She knows who the real A-listers are.

Rebecca Hall: “Two of these classic monsters that have been on our screens for years are competing against each other. I mean, the film is about them. “

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