Roughly 150 people arrested during spring break in Miami

This year’s spring break shenanigans found around 150 people behind bars in Miami, Florida.

Police reported about 120 arrests on Friday evening alone, 42 of which related to offenses related to guns, drugs and seized cash.

Local 10 News reports that the people celebrating the infamous South Beach party week “got out of control”, particularly as police tried to defuse the situation to comply with COVID-19 security restrictions.

Two policemen were injured in the resulting clash and a confrontation in which the police were forced to use pepperballs in noisy crowds.

“We’re dealing with behavior,” Police Chief Richard Clements said in a separate article on Local 10 News. “All we want to do is have people who want to come here to have a good time, enjoy themselves, but follow the rules.”

Based on police statements, many of the crimes resemble the Wild West: agitators allegedly perpetrated public unrest, ranging from women dancing in police cars to various erupting fights. In the midst of the various interactions with the police, a 19-year-old is said to have pushed a police officer.

Local 10 News goes on to report that a 55-year-old man, Kenneth Adams, was jailed after allegedly beating a 73-year-old homeless man with a chair.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber made a statement essentially confirming that if Spring Breakers believe a visit to Miami will be zero restriction for everyone, one more thing is ahead.

“If you come here because you think anything will go, you will have a terrible time,” he warns. “We will arrest you.”

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