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DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) – Cleanup is underway in Davie after space dwellers mentioned an unconfirmed twister that caused intense damage to the empire.

The roofs of some of the movable classrooms at Indian Ridge Middle School had been destroyed by the bad weather.

On Tuesday 7SkyForce hovered over the school, where you can see very well how the crews are working on restoring the roofs.

The cleanup is expected to begin in a while on Tuesday at a nearby cell house park.

Diego López, one of many residents of the cell house park, said he noticed a funnel cloud on Monday.

“We had to run to the back of the house because the whole thing flew away,” he said.

“I came outside, I see everything being blown up, my thing in the house blown away,” said room dweller Daniel Jones.

“It was like a train. I heard it, ”said resident Pete Deluca. “I have my golf cart 3 meters away. The brake was on. So I knew something had happened and then I saw [my neighbors’] House.”

Rescue workers eventually evacuated residents whose homes suffered the worst damage.

On Alligator Alley, near Mile Marker 31, driver Ernesto Delhonte mentioned that his SUV was struck by lightning on Monday.

“I am a survivor,” he said. “It sounded: ‘Boom! Boom!’ I go through the street, and [the SUV] was struck by lightning. I saw a light and the car is broken. “

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