New York City Restaurateurs Are Flocking To Miami

There is a trend that NYC based restaurants are moving to Miami.


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in different states operating according to different rules, and perhaps no industry has had to adapt and ride the wheel of change other than restaurants.

Restaurateurs across the country had their hands full keeping their doors open.

But not everyone was ready to see it through to the bitter end. Many have closed, others hobble on through the recovery.

Others have decided to go entirely to greener pastures.

Fear of a recovery in countries with stricter regulations is a noticeable shift within the restaurant industry to countries with looser restrictions. Most noticeable is the wave of New York chefs and restaurant concepts towards Miami, where alfresco dining is enjoyable all year round and people are willing and able to eat out.

Here are three examples: one for now, one for the next month, and one for the next year. As you will see, the range and variety of inbound facilities will no doubt be a boon to Miami’s food scene.

Open now: Cote

Simon Kim opened the Korean steakhouse Cote in the Flatiron district of NYC in 2017. On February 12, he opened a second location in Miami’s Design District (north of Wynwood).

At Cote, you’ll find an approach to Korean grilling that has been awarded a Michelin star for three years in a row. Each table has smoke-free grills. The focus is on the 45-day dry-aged beef and how Kim transforms the traditional American steakhouse experience into a Korean one. For example, instead of heavy side dishes like mashed potatoes and french fries, expect homemade pickled vegetables.

Perhaps most importantly, Cote imports its notoriously fine wine program into its Miami hub, which is said to be over 1,200 bottles.

Benh Mi will open a stationary location on Espanola Way in mid-April.

Benh Mi started out as an underground pop-up and Vietnamese food set and will open a shop … [+] Location on Espanola Way in mid-April.

Benh Mi.

Opening soon: Benh Mi.

New York Chef Michael Kaplan (Two Forks) is working with Chef Benjamin Murray on this pandemic success story.

When the pandemic resulted in Pao’s leave of absence at the Faena Hotel, Chef Murray launched an underground pop-up and a Vietnamese meal set he playfully called Benh Mi. It became a hit with the locals, and now he’s teaming up with Chef Kaplan to develop it into a restaurant on Española Way, a South Beach pedestrian promenade.

Benh Mi specializes in a variety and variety of Banh Mi sandwiches, but also serves other Asian-inspired salads and snacks. The opening is planned for mid-April.

Pastis, NYC, Miami

Pastis in NYC specializes in a French bistro. A location will be opened in Miami in the summer of 2022.

Pastis via Facebook

Still to come: Pastis

Two James Beard Award-winning restaurateurs, Keith McNally and Stephen Starr, bring their New York hotspot south in warmer weather.

Pastis, a popular French bistro in New York’s Meatpacking District, will open a location in Wynwood next summer (2022). Starr, who owns several other restaurants, made some interesting comments on page 6 about the future of its facilities.

“Our company is making a strategic decision to move many of our openings to Miami,” he said. “We’re not sure when New York will be back. For now, we’re going to be moving some of our investments and risks to Florida. “

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