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(CNN) – The Justice Department has added four new defendants to the federal conspiracy trial against Oath Keepers who allegedly prepared for and participated in the U.S. Capitol riot.

Oath Keeper’s newly named defendants are Joseph Hackett, who went from “Ahab,” Jason Dolan who went from “Turmoil,” and William Isaacs, all of Florida. A fourth new defendant’s name and alleged acts are still being edited.

The defendants of the Oath Guardian are charged with participating in the conspiracy and entering the closed-off compound of the Capitol.

The case is the largest against one of the right-wing extremist groups that participated in the pro-Trump siege on January 6th. Prosecutors stepped up the case almost weekly, releasing additional details about how the group allegedly brought guns to a Virginia hotel to aid them on Jan. 6 and communicated during the riot.

The new indictment now also charges five of the aforementioned defendants for allegedly deleting their social media or cell phone activity.

It is not uncommon for prosecutors in such a sizeable case to rewrite and gradually expand the indictment – especially as an investigation continues, as is clearly the case with January 6, and they identify new contacts and try to pressure them exercise on existing defendants.

All of the Oath Guards who have stood before a Washington, DC district judge on this case have pleaded not guilty. More than a month ago, prosecutors turned over an employee who was charged in a separate riot case at the Capitol and who had close ties to the group.

Stewart Rhodes, the head of the Oath Guardian, continues to be referred to as “Person One” in the court records, indicating that he has not been charged, and there are several other unindicted co-conspirators in the case.

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