Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ brings its immersive experience to Miami this summer

Have you ever seen a bank robbery on TV and thought I could do that? Well, here is your chance to give a risk free vortex to a criminal life.

Netflix and Fever have teamed up to create an exciting theatrical event called Money Heist: The Experience, based on the Spanish-language hit show of the same name (also known as La Casa de Papel).

The action-packed, immersive experience puts participants at the center of a heist, the circumstances of which are very similar to the plot of the upcoming season of the show. As part of Lisbon’s infamous gang of thieves, you’ll donn the iconic red jumpsuit and Salvador Dalí mask as you follow the professor’s plan to break into stunning landmarks in cities around the world – think La Monnaie de Paris on the banks of the die His. If you can make it to the other side, you’ll have earned your place in the aisle.

The producers of the event promise amazing visual effects and unexpected twists in the plot, as no two experiences are alike – your interactions with each of the characters determine your fate on this adventure trip of your choosing.

“Money Heist came from Spain, but it caught the world’s imagination. Now Money Heist: The Experience brings the show even closer to home. From the moment you book a ticket, you are in the heart of the gang. Slip on your red jumpsuit, put on the iconic Dali mask and step into the world of heist for an unforgettable experience, ”said Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix.

The fake crime thriller is set to hit cities around the world this summer, including Paris, Mexico City, New York and Miami. Tickets will be released tomorrow June 8th, according to the Money Heist Instagram account, while there is currently a waiting list available on the website. The only question left now is which name of the city will you take on?

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