Mobilize Miami’s food community to feed thousands

Surfside, Florida – 10 days before the Florida restaurant closed due to a coronavirus pandemic last year, Shemivanatan had just started a new business after serving 10 years in the Israeli army. An apartment that collapsed last month ..

Pandemic hit its municipal kosher restaurant, Bish It was tough, but nothing compared to the past two weeks since the Champlain Towers South collapsed on June 24th. More than 150 people are missing It shook a tight Surfside community of just under 6,000 and a strong Jewish community.

Since then, 58-year-old Bernatan has been coming to the restaurant every day to prepare fresh falafel, hummus and tahini and to distribute more than 2,300 falafel to rescuers, survivors and families of missing people.

“My heart is with them,” said Bernatan of the collapse of the missing and the survivors of the building. “I will continue to do everything I can for the community, the people and the Surfside communities. I come here every day with a smile and say, “Today I have to serve people well. Hm. “

Food trucks were the first scene, but paramedics, cooks, and restaurants in Miami-Dade County were fed more, drove hours of traffic, rerouted roads, and unloaded packaged meals. ..

Chef David Sim offered dozens of takeaway boxes of Korean steakhouse dinners from a Miami outpost. Mantel, his Michelin-starred restaurant in New York, addressed the relatives of the missing and survivors on Tuesday.

“When you have this emergency, the last thing you think about is going to a restaurant,” said Sim. “We hope we can comfort her as best we can.”

Many Surfside restaurants have roughly hundreds of Rescuers 76 more as of Thursday afternoon.

Owned by Joshua Marcus, 47 years old Josh’s Deli On the surfing site for nearly 11 years, we have delivered hundreds of sandwiches to those affected by breakdowns and rescue efforts. Donations and free meat and bread deliveries enabled Marcus to eat roast turkey, hardened pastrami, and homemade corned beef without breaking the bank.

He said he has been there for his community for the past two weeks, including opening his restaurant as a de facto center for rescuers. “But it’s very hard to hear over and over,” said Marcus. “I’m not a contraction. I don’t have the ability to divide myself without feeling the pain of others. “

As the city began to open the streets, the Miami-Dade culinary community promised to continue to serve all those involved in the difficult process of handing the remains to their families for closure. The focus on people’s nutrition is on the number of cooks and volunteers they think are starting to recover from the tragedy.

Apartment collapse in Miami

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July 8, 2021 4:48 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

“When the circus leaves town, we are here”, “When the circus leaves town, we are here.” Food for people who need free meals.

This group is one of the few groups that activists intervened in when it became overwhelming to organize random donations of accumulated food and supplies.

“It’s not a hurricane you know is coming,” said Ellen Bowen, South Florida site manager. Food Rescue USA “It’s like an earthquake.”

Bowen and Squirrel wanted their families to have a hot meal with no fast food, and they served dinner in a variety of restaurants weekly. They received peri-peri chicken and baked noodles. A comfortable Brazilian meal of chicken, rice and beans, accept this little gesture as a dessert from dulce de leche and as our way of saying “our thoughts and prayers are with you”.

Around 800 meters from the collapse site, volunteers are available around the clock. Surf-n-Sides, Kosher Beachside Bistro in the town’s community center. Since the building collapsed, it has been a meeting place for families and local governments.

Bistro owner Eli Ginsburg and his friend Joe Zevuloni, 48, a local activist, switched the restaurant’s kosher cuisine to 3,000 a day with the help of chefs and volunteers in orange vests. I made more than just food. Through donations, they can pay over $ 10,000 daily for fresh groceries and create dishes like white sea bass, sesame chicken tender, teriyaki salmon, and ribeye steak. Put the warm Cuban pastries in a white paper bag and seal it with a sticker that says “.Strong on the surf side .. Many police officers who guard the collapse site put stickers on their uniforms.

The community center has become a center of grief by grieving and welcoming volunteers in hugs before families look for food. The tragedy also affects Mr Zevroni and Mr Ginsburg, who have lost their friends in the rubble.

At lunchtime, Zevroni and several volunteers carry boxes of groceries in a golf cart rented from a nearby hotel and deliver groceries to the rescue workers on site every day. When he returned on Wednesday afternoon, he said he was restless. Rescue teams appear to be exhausted from search and recovery. The moment of gratitude and sadness that Mr Zevroni witnessed said it was a favorite of their relatives when he saw a homemade dessert for rescuers delivered by someone who had lost their family. Wrap it in a memo.

“It’s a pain,” he said. “But we’ll stay here until we don’t need it anymore.”

Mobilize Miami’s food community to feed thousands

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