Miami Private School, Centner Academy, Won’t Employ COVID-19 Vaccinated Employees – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami private school owners want their teachers and staff not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, citing an debunked anti-vaccination theory.

CBS News received a copy of an email on Monday that Centner Academy sent to their parents, some of which read: “Until further notice, we ask any employee who has not yet received the experimental COVID-19 injection by Waiting for the end of the school year. We have also recommended that all faculties and staff hold the injection pending further investigation into whether this experimental drug will affect unvaccinated individuals. It is our policy, as much as possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the COVID-19 experimental injection until further information is known. “

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The school, which costs nearly $ 30,000 per year per student, is run by Leila and David Centner. It’s a fairly new school that just opened in September 2020 and was featured on the CBS4 Miami Proud segment in October 2020.

The statement seems to tie employment to the vaccine.

CBS4 News was also told that a teacher has already resigned, but it’s not clear if this was directly due to this policy.

In the meantime, teachers are concerned, as are medical experts like FIU infectious disease specialist Dr. Aileen Marty, who says the Centners are promoting an debunked theory that people who are vaccinated can transmit a different type of disease to people who are close to them.

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The email lists “many unknown variables” for their decision and it reads: “Tens of thousands of women around the world have recently reported adverse reproductive problems because they are in close proximity to those who have received one of the COVID . 19 injections. “

They claim, “Nobody knows exactly what can be causing these irregularities, but it appears that those who received the injections are transferring some of their bodies to those they come in contact with.”

Your email does not cite any scientific evidence or authority to back it up.

Dr. Marty told CBS4 that this is heartbreaking, and she is devastated that she says there is no basis in science for the misinformation the school publishes. She also noted that it is especially “outrageous” that you have a school designed to educate children who advertise this type of false and misleading information about the vaccine.

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CBS4 News requested an interview with someone from the school, but they just sent an email repeating what the email sent to the parents said, “We do what we think is the best interests of the children Because children shouldn’t be around vaccinated teachers. “

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