Miami, Oxford team up for $10.7 million high-tech business incubator project

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Gregory Crawford, president of the University of Miami, said the proposed center could “be a model for revitalizing small rural towns like Oxford across the country”.

The total cost of the renovation project is $ 10.7 million. The facility will house office space, the entrepreneurship training center, start-ups, design and test areas, and production facilities.

The project can act as a catalyst and transform an underdeveloped three-block area in the epicenter of the Oxford business corridor into a high-tech innovation corridor, according to Miami officials.

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It is the fourth renovation in the three-story area that includes the Oxford City Municipal Building project (the former Oxford Lane Library building), the Oxford Community Arts Center (OCAC) and OCAC Park.

Jessica Greene, Oxford’s assistant city manager, said the city “seeks to create a supportive business climate that fosters the investment and economic growth necessary for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Miami will operate the College @ Elm Innovation and People Development Center and support the Entrepreneurship Training and Incubator Center.

Fischer Group, with two locations in Butler County and employing 300 people, will serve as project leader and manager of the project’s innovation expansion program, while “creating impressive learning opportunities for students and attracting new investments to Oxford”.

Randi Thomas, vice president of Miami’s newest division, ASPIRE, which drives strategy, partnerships, institutional relationships and economics, said the high-tech corridor will help create jobs for Miami graduates in the Oxford area and the Southwest to keep from Ohio.

“College @ Elm will be a magnet for economic development,” said Thomas.

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