Miami Dolphins Announce $1 Million Dollar Commitment to Minority Owned Restaurants as part of Foundation Food Relief Program

Matari & Ruth Bodie and Lorna Westmoreland, owners of Lornas Caribbean & American Grill

“Lornas Caribbean & American Grill, along with others, had financially difficult times in this pandemic. The Miami Dolphins Foundation allowed us to stay afloat and serve meals for the less fortunate in Miami Gardens. We are very grateful and proud Lorna thanks them Miami Dolphins for this occasion and for the introduction or restaurant for whole new people. May this organization continue to support Lorna’s Caribbean and American Grill as well as the beautiful city of Miami Gardens. The Dolphins have been so good at many of our Miami Gardens restaurants not just in Lornas. It’s a blessing that we work weekly. “

Prancetta & Rawn Washington, owners of Arline’s Seafood Restaurant

“It was a great honor to work with the Miami Dolphins Foundation’s Food Relief Program because it has given us the opportunity to serve our community during this tumultuous time. Being a partner with this organization has made our business tremendous, even in the United States helped Amid this uncertainty we will always be grateful for. We would like to express our unparalleled thanks to the Miami Dolphins Foundation’s Food Relief Program for being part of this amazing ministry in our community. “

Harry Harrell, co-owner of Tom Jenkins’ Bar-BQ

“As with most restaurants, it was extremely difficult to keep the doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of our hardest hit areas of business has been catering as large groups can’t get together. There weren’t many business meetings, family reunions, or picnics for The Miami Dolphins Foundation’s food aid program has been a godsend for our company and the community. It has given us opportunities that simply wouldn’t exist in times like these. The amazing Stephen Ross funding has enabled so many families to have hot meals to take that they normally can’t afford. This partnership has helped my company keep my doors open. I take great pride in the Miami Dolphin Organization’s sensitivity. This partnership is truly groundbreaking. I’ve been all my life a Miami Dolphin fan and it makes me feel even more fri eude knowing that my team cares about black businesses and they prove it by putting their money where their mouth is. Thank you for your care. “

Kathy Johnson, owner of Kathys Catering and Event Planning

“I am still in disbelief about how this pandemic created such a life-changing experience for me and my company. I started this company back in 2008 and before COVID-19, I worked on a team of 10 people every day that included schools Contract was taken. When the pandemic closed schools I had no shows to book and no one turned to small businesses so we were forced to close and I was ready to give open and close my doors because I had nothing to offer Since joining the Miami Dolphins Foundation’s Food Relief Program, I’ve been able to open my heart and reopen my doors to give back to those who have given me so much. Thank you Stephen Ross and Tom Garfinkel, I have a job, mine Employees have jobs and they have helped this minority owned company out of a dark room, this is the best organization that the local small business has opened the doors to the business community. The Miami Dolphins stepped up at the government level to help small businesses expand, and we are very grateful. “

Alex Hernandez, owner of El Exquisito

“Having the opportunity to work with the Miami Dolphins is every local Miamian’s dream. The Miami Dolphins Food Relief Program was the equivalent of winning a small lottery for our company while sharing that prize with the rest of the community at the same time Nutrition program has helped feed many people and was also responsible for bringing back most of my employees who were concerned about the heavy toll COVID-19 has put on the restaurant industry. I believe Mr Ross has small businesses like A lifeline to ours The lifeline goes well beyond money and brings hope to the knowledge that our church cares. Though this might just be a stain in the grand scheme of things, one of those meals could have fed a child whose next meal was nowhere in sight. Please pass on, because this program is n necessary. The Miami Dolphins show us how big their heart is for this community. It’s also done with class at every step of the class. These are two things that cannot be bought. “

Shirleen Ingraham, owner of Jackson’s Soul Food

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, business has been very difficult for Jackson’s Soul Food. With two locations and an airport under construction, we have had to temporarily close our Overtown location and only operate from the Opa-Locka location in an attempt to service all of ours Employing staff and changing work hours as our dining room made up the bulk of our sales thanks to the Miami Dolphins Foundation-led Food Relief program, which is open to take away along with our great customers, we’ve been able to keep our business and our people going and at the same time offering and preparing good, hearty meals for the community. “

Shawn Lowers & Danielle Perry, owners of the Reggae Beets Gourmet Food Truck

“We are forever grateful for the great opportunity to partner with the Miami Dolphins Foundation’s food aid program in these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as things seemed bleak and helpless for the entire South Florida community, the Miami Dolphins stood under The Unshakable Leadership Owner Stephen Ross has made an important contribution by orchestrating one of the greatest community programs in South Florida history. The Miami Dolphins Foundation’s food aid program has helped our business tremendously by giving us a much-needed boost in sales, however More importantly, it has fed thousands of families in need of help, and we couldn’t be more humble and honored to have been part of such a large initiative that giving back is an integral part of the Reggae Beets brand as lifelong Miami DolFans we have always rooted elt To the soccer team and this community initiative, it seems like we just won the Super Bowl and Stephen Ross is the MVP (Most Valuable Person). Thank you again f or such an amazing opportunity and we look forward to working with the organization on various roles in the future. “

Herbert Coleman, COO & Head of SEED Miami

“From the first day we heard about the Miami Dolphins Foundation and Mr. Ross’s commitment to helping small businesses in the community, we were impressed with his kindness and generosity. SEED is so honored and proud to be part of the Dolphins Food Fleet to his program with Truist Bank and the Miami Dolphin Foundation’s Food Relief Program. Feeding our community during this difficult time has been more than just a blessing to those we serve, but also to us and our fellow workers. A partnership with the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Dolphins Foundation made it possible for us to meet some absolutely amazing community service heroes such as Big Brothers & Big Sisters, 5000 role models, the Mavuno Project and the United Way of Miami-Dade and the Broward Counties: The tireless efforts of community service heroes are often overlooked, but the partnership with the Miami Dolphins has created a need for community service st, human kindness and generosity at a time like this illuminated. Thank you Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross and Tom Garfinkel for allowing SEED to be part of the Dolphins family. “

Betty Taylor, owner of Betty’s Soul Food Restaurant

“That was a great experience. With everything that has happened, the Food Relief Program has really helped me get my business back on track through COVID. I didn’t make any money and the business got really slow, but the orders that Through this program, I was able to get back on track, get new customers, and keep my business going. I thank God for them and whatever I could do to help, I would do without any problem. Thank you very much. “

Anthony Barber, CEO of Troys BarBeQue

“Partnering with the Miami Dolphins was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The opportunity to share our gift with people suffering from an economic crisis has made the workload easy and fulfilling for our team. However, it’s one thing to donate to That Handing out food is more rewarding than paying itself. Seeing the looks in your eyes means everything to me when I hand out meals, and I am grateful that we as a company are able to do so and support the community . So many companies are closing their doors and I cannot stress enough how the reward of being selected has helped us retain employees but at the same time has helped the community at large. We are very grateful to Miami for Dolphins and the opportunity to be with them to work together and we look forward to other opportunities. “

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