L-Acoustics Kara Provides Flexibility And Scalability For Christ Fellowship Miami

Christ Fellowship Miami has been the region’s generational, multicultural, multi-location church for over a century. During that time, it has grown to six locations in South Florida and one online presence. Three of these locations – Palmetto Bay, Doral, and downtown Miami – have recently become showcases of the flexibility and scalability that L-Acoustics Kara sound systems can provide for multi-campus places of worship.

The new installations, all designed and integrated by Colorado-based Summit Integrated Systems, can accommodate various configurations and types of worship rooms while offering the ease of maintenance and operation, as well as the consistency of audio quality of a single sound system in all three locations.

Garrett Siljee, production manager for Christ Fellowship Miami Multisite, oversees all AVL-related affairs for the church, including planning campus technology design and technical staff. “One of my main tasks is to create the weekend experiences at all of our locations, and the sound plays a big role in that,” he notes.

Siljee says it was first introduced to L-Acoustics at a product demo held at Miccosukee Resort & Gaming in South Florida, where the K1, K2 and Kara systems “just blew me away with their clarity, sound quality and depth”. “And I was impressed by how much bigger the sound was than the speakers that made it. L-Acoustics seemed like a company that kept innovating even after making great products. They just keep improving their products and that made an impression. So we invited Summit Integrated Systems to demonstrate a Kara system for our executives and employees here at our Palmetto Bay location, and everyone was very impressed with the sound quality too. “

The systems for the Palmetto Bay, Doral and Downtown Miami locations were developed by Summit using the L-Acoustics Soundvision modeling software. “The church wanted a powerful sound system in all locations to support their music and energetic style of worship, and Kara was the perfect choice for all of these locations,” said Deron Yevoli, project leader for the summit. “Kara can go anywhere this church wants to go because it’s the most flexible PA system available. It’s compact, powerful, and covers well. “

Speaking of cover, the 500-seat concrete walls at Christ Fellowship Miami’s Doral location keep the roar of the nearby Miami International Airport at bay, but their reflective surfaces can be an acoustic challenge. Fortunately, Kara’s razor-sharp directivity was ideal for keeping the sound off the audience and, just as importantly, off the walls. The new system on the Doral campus includes 12 Kara (i) enclosures flown over two arrays, with eight floor-mounted SB18 submarines and eight ultra-compact 5XT and two short-throw X8 enclosures used as fillings will. All are powered by one LA12X and four LA4X amplifier controllers.

The nearby campus in Palmetto Bay, which features a more traditional Baptist church design, also serves as the Christ Fellowship broadcast center. Here, 24 Kara (i) have now been split up and flown in four slopes, with 12 SB18 submarines on the ground, a dozen 5XT for front fills and eight X12 for deceleration, all powered by a 12 LA4X.

The downtown Miami location, a former cathedral under renovation, is the largest of the three locations that Summit has worked with Christ Fellowship. The third campus of the church is to be opened by Christmas 2021 and has an L-acoustic system. It includes 18 Kara II and eight KS21i submarines. In addition, eight 5XTs offer a front panel, while six X8s serve as lower bar panels. The submarines are powered by one LA12X while seven LA4X power the rest of the speakers.

“Multisite churches typically want buildings with cookie cutters so that they look and sound the same everywhere. However, in the Miami area, where rents and ownership are so high, this is not easy, ”explains Siljee. “It was my biggest initial concern that the L-Acoustics systems sound very different in each location. Although none of these rooms are at all similar, Kara provides a very even sound for all the rooms we’ve heard her in. “

Yevoli points out that having a common and familiar system at each location facilitates training and operations for staff and volunteers. “They don’t have many production employees, so we encouraged them to standardize on key technology systems at as many locations as possible,” he says. “We believe that you choose a good horse and ride it, which will save time and money in the long run.”

Siljee adds that the Church also appreciates the manufacturer’s attention to customer care. “The L-Acoustics team worked with us to do the final tuning of each system, and the church responds well to this type of personal interaction,” he explains. “With L-Acoustics you don’t just buy a PA system. They also bring the company behind it. “

“Everyone, including our members, commented that the sound no longer hurts. Our old system sounded very harsh; The new Kara system is anything but. Now our churches can create the kind of energetic worship experiences we want and that sounds great. Kara turned complaints into compliments. “

For more information on Christ Fellowship Miami, visit www.cfmiami.org. Summit Integrated Systems is available online at www.summitintegrated.com.

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