Key Biscayne Taking Action After Video On Social Media Shows Crack In Ceiling Of Condo Parking Garage – CBS Miami

KEY BISCAYNE (CBSMiami) – The Key Biscayne village manager says he took action after a new video on social media showed a long crack in the ceiling of a parking garage under an apartment building.

The video surfaced on TikTok and shows the crack of the ceiling in one of the garages under one of Key Biscayne’s two towers, built in 1971 and 1972 at the other end of the village next to the entrance to Bill Baggs State Park.

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Village manager Steve Williamson told Peter D’Oench of CBS4, “I saw the video myself and we passed it on to our team and then our structural team will go through it with very good technical experts. This, of course, is something we need to look at and we will reach out to the owner and find out what the next path is. “

Williamson said it was too early to say if the Towers of Key Biscayne is at risk. It’s a big concern in the Village, where more than half of its 13,000 residents live in condominiums.

He said, “Our responsibility is as a government agency with oversight. The owner is ultimately responsible and we will work with them. We’ll make sure they work with the engineers to make sure they meet Florida building codes. “

On Wednesday afternoon, the General Manager of the Towers of Key Biscayne issued the following statement:

“The video showed an expansion joint and was not a” red flag “problem.”

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Francis Khan says he owns a unit in Tower 2 and saw the video of the garage on social media.

He said, “This is the overhead garage that leads to the foundation, which is not a good thing. That’s what a building holds up. It’s not very nice, but this building has been here for a while and it’s well built, I can tell. “

Annie, who didn’t want to give her last name, also lives in Tower 2 and said, “I’m a little nervous, but I’m pretty sure the management will take care of it here. I want to know if the problem has been assessed and rated. I know that the management sent an assessment report to the residents here. I have two young children and I want to make sure they are safe. “

Williamson said the village has 88 buildings and he has compiled a detailed list of properties that have received recertification or are due for them.

He said, “We have eight buildings pending 40-year recertifications and we have four registered for 50-year certifications, three for 60 years, no two for 70 years.”

He says the inspectors will be busy stepping up the inspections.

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He said, “Safety is always a concern. Ultimately, building security is important and as we saw at Surfside, hearts go out to everyone out there. Ultimately, it’s about people’s safety and we want to make sure the people out there are fine. “

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