Ivanka Trump helps load food into cars of drivers in need Boxes Ivanka Trump Miami Food Food

The President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, helped load boxes of groceries into the cars of drivers who turned up at a food distribution event for those in need in South Florida.

“Merry Christmas,” said Trump on Tuesday as she dragged a black box into the trunk of a car in the parking lot of the Ministry of King Jesus in Miami-Dade County, according to WSVN.

A driver in line, Karla Fuentes, told Miami TV that she had come to church more than 12 hours earlier to queue for food and sleep in her car.

“It’s a great help for my house, for my neighbor,” said Fuentes. “We can share with everyone.”

Another food recipient, Vivian Lopez, said she lost her job because of the pandemic.

“We are living really tough times,” said Lopez.

The grocery giveaway is not far from where Trump and her husband Jared Kushner recently bought property on Indian Creek Island near Miami, an area known as the “Billionaires Bunker” according to news reports.

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