“It’s Just A Monumental Job’ Florida Fire Marshall Jimmy Patronis On Dangerous Condo Site Search And Rescue Mission – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Search and rescue teams from across the state work non-stop as they meticulously search the rubble at the Surfside condo tower collapse site.

“We already had Task Force One and Two, Miami-Dade County and City of Miami on site. We are committed to continuing to grow and grow the teams with Orlando, Tampa, and Southwest Florida since Naples is in Collier County, all of those teams are here. This community that we developed was a city and now we have a big city. This location has grown exponentially in the past 12 hours as these men and women work around the clock to support and expand the rescue effort, ”said Florida CFO and Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis.

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He said the teams had a close call on Sunday morning as the structure began to shake.

“So if this building shifts, it could cause another collapse and then put the lives of these men and women at risk in the rescue effort. The building has moved. We have this technology that gave us enough time to evacuate the grounds until the building was settled and then, you know, the men moved and they went back to work. It just highlights how dangerous a job is, ”said Patronis.

He said the teams are ready to face unfamiliar situations.

“These teams are embedded in trauma surgeons, they are also embedded in civil engineers.

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“The same teams that are here, the same amount of human labor here, are the same ones that were deployed on Hurricane Mike in his northwest Florida. Where this was an affected area of ​​12 counties, that one location shows how great the power of just horsepower is on that location with the goal of saving lives, ”said Patronis.

And how many first aiders are there from all teams?

“Three hundred plus. When that first happened, I believe you had all but two departments in Miami-Dade County. Then it focused on the task force doing their job because again, the skills and training they have are specifically geared towards man-made disasters or Mother Nature, “Patronis said.

He said this is still viewed as a dangerous search and rescue mission.

“There are dogs on site, heavy equipment has moved in. It’s very hard to bring heavy equipment when, like I said, you pick up on the trauma you had, that this building has been worked on and it’s the building. “Safe to work that close. There is the dangerous rubble hanging on the building, much of it has been removed. But still, if you have furniture, you get air conditioning, if refrigerators fall out of apartments, that risks the lives of the men and women on site, ”says Patronis.

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“It’s just a monumental job. And these are the best men and women in the country who do this type of job, and they risk their lives for it. And try to do it as soon as possible. they can’t do it with so much practicality because someone’s loved one is pending, ”he added.

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