Inside Architect Rene Gonzalez’s Miami Home-Turned-Studio

Rene Gonzalez’s home office got so big that he had to move out. The Miami architect actually lives in an apartment in the Art Deco district of South Beach and is in the process of building another home. Meanwhile, tucked away discreetly on a residential street, Gonzales is small but nice Morning side The house is bursting with life and becomes the jewel box of a design studio. He was looking at Curbed Miami.

Now fully taken over by his booming architectural firm, every inch of the mid-century ranch-style home is meticulously designed to the limit, considered out of a need to maximize the usability of the space. Areas are methodically covered with models, architectural samples, books and technical pebbles, while architects, designers and employees sit in offices in the bedrooms. The living room overlooking a black pool is the conference room. Strategically placed mirror walls make the interior look bigger and vintage and contemporary furniture is mixed with contemporary art.

· Rene Gonzalez reporting [Curbed Miami]

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