How Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship Is Progressing Amid Miami Visit

Bennifer is still very, very strong, according to E! and photos taken this weekend of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spending time together in Miami. Multiple sources spoke to the outlet about their relationship and how Affleck goes to great lengths to romantically get things going again. For starters, he took a Redeye flight to Miami that weekend.

“Ben tried hard to get it going with their schedules,” said a source. “He’s really making an effort. J. Lo believes Ben really Ascended and loves this version of him. It comforts her and she is defeated. They are dizzy together and it can be said that she is really happy. “

A second source told E! of Affleck’s visit to her Miami home: “She looked very happy to see him and they walked around the property together so she could show him around.”

Affleck and Lopez were photographed visiting the Anatomy Gym in Miami Beach this afternoon. Page 6 was told by a source that “they both trained separately with different coaches”. When they left the building, they were “loving and looked very much in love,” said an eyewitness to the store.

Today’s sighting comes after Affleck was apparently photographed with a watch that Lopez had given him in 2002, as a Bennifer fan account on Twitter discovered. Will Lopez’s pink Affleck engagement ring return? She apparently never returned it to him, claimed her former publicist Rob Shuter, so time will tell.

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