How Arquitectonica shaped Miami | News


Miami with capital M: Arquitectonica’s Pink House, 1976-78. Photo: joevare / Flickr

In Miami, Arquitectonica embraced these newfound freedoms with enthusiasm and did so unlike almost anyone else, employing architectural elements in impressive, surreal and highly charismatic ways that may have had little to do with the well-worn functionalist arguments of late modernism and functioned superbly the imagination of the press, Miamians and customers alike. –

Adam Nathaniel Furman examines the meteoric rise of Laurinda Spear and Bernardo Fort-Brescia’s firm Arquitectonica and the undeniable impact it had on Miami’s architecture since the late 1970s. Although the founders rejected the ‘Postmodern’ label, “these buildings represented a vibrant, hopeful, confident, and creative version of a postmodernism that looked suspiciously reactionary – regressive, classicist, and gloomy in many of its more northerly manifestations,” writes Furman.

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