Guy Fieri Praised After Leaving $5,000 Tip at Miami Restaurant For Entire Staff

If you look up the definition of “human” in the dictionary it says “a person of integrity and honor”. The only thing missing from the entry is a photo of Flavortown King Guy Fieri, who – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – has proven multiple times that he lives up to the meaning of the word. He did it again last month at a Miami restaurant, leaving a $ 5,000 tip.

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From the Miami New Times, learn about the host’s latest good deed of diners, drive-ins, and dives during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF):

Early this morning, 9Beach Latin Restaurant announced on social media that Food Network star Guy Fieri – he of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Flavortown, and more – paid a visit last night and tipped $ 5,000 .

“Greetings to Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri from the Food Network … he left a $ 5,000 tip at the 9beach Latin Restaurant to be shared by all staff and kitchen staff,” 9Beach shared on Facebook. “Excellent and very much appreciated by everyone. Thank you!”

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Here is the original Facebook post from 9Beach.

The New Times speculated that “Fieri might have stopped by for a Cuban sandwich ($ 12) and a Cuban coffee ($ 2) after the festival closed its tent for the evening,” and then calculated that it was normally a 20 percent tip would have been $ 2.80.

The service must have been exceptional no matter what Fieri ordered, because the New Times estimated a $ 14 bill that he tipped 35714.28571428572 percent.

As extraordinary as a large tip may seem, it is entirely in the character of Guy Fieri. In the past year alone, the highest-paid television chef raised $ 25 million for the hospitality industry, blaming none other than Jeff Bezos for his stinginess.

In 2015, Fieri held a mass wedding ceremony in Miami. He did this in large part to honor the memory of his late sister Morgan, a lesbian who battled cancer for most of her life before she died at the age of 39.

Call him the Mayor of Flavortown, Chef Fieri (he studied culinary arts in France and has a degree in hospitality so yes, he deserves the title), whatever – it’s pretty obvious that there is a ghost behind Fieri’s brother-friendly image of generosity and concern for others that proves he deserves his place in the Good Guys Hall of Fame.

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