Forget Walls, This Miami Home Used a $1.5 Million Race Car to Divide a Room

It seems that each year Miami’s architecture is more and more defined by its opulence. We see this in such luxurious high-rise buildings, designed by some of the world’s most renowned architects like Bjarke Ingels and Zaha Hadid, appearing in Coconut Grove and Biscayne. However, that pales in comparison to what a Miami homeowner just did: tear down a traditional wall in a house to replace it with a $ 1.5 million black Pagani Zonda R.

The private $ 8 million residence in Miami has a view of the ocean that’s all the more dramatic next to a $ 1.5 million supercar.

Only 15 Pagani Zonda R supercars are produced each year, which makes the accent on the interior of the house all the less likely. The oceanfront property that now houses the supercar cost $ 8 million, a little more than five times what a brand new wall can do in space. It wasn’t easy to get the 800-pound car to cover 4,232 square feet. In fact, the car had to be lifted over a balcony railing (all monitored by Artefacto Home Staging) that was dangling in the air before it was successfully launched into space. Once the supercar (the engine of which had been removed before entering the device) was in the private residence, an aluminum and carbon fiber stand was installed to hold the car in place while creating the illusion that it was floating in space .

The car, which weighs 800 pounds, was hoisted into the unit through a balcony window.

While some view the decision to build a wall with a $ 1.5 million supercar as sticky at best, or a complete waste of money at worst, the fact remains that the Pagani Zonda R (rightly or wrongly) as such can be viewed A work of art. At a time when paintings sell for half a billion dollars, it might not be so crazy to tear down a wall to build an eccentric $ 1.5 million divider in the shape of a supercar. If nothing else, the $ 1.5 million Pagani Zonda R will prove to be arguably the best conversation starter for dinner in Miami.

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