‘Fascinating. Loud. Exciting.’ – CBS Miami

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – It was a welcome sight on Saturday as planes crossed the skies for the Fort Lauderdale Air Show.

Participants were happy to be back on the beach to enjoy the spectacle.

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The pilots showed their stunts and skills and surprised the crowd.

“Fascinating. Loud. Exciting. Great time as always,” said participant Joe.

People gathered on the beach and watched flashy acrobatics.

Somersaults in the sky and planes flying in different formations.

“It was really cool. I’ve never seen a show like this,” said Annie Banks.

People not only enjoyed the sights and sounds, but also the feeling of being able to get back together.

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“It’s great to be back in an entertainment environment where we can have fun in the fresh air and in beautiful sunshine,” said Chris Dirato, spokesman for the air show.

And there was a lot to enjoy.

“We saw a combination of civil aerobatics, Geico Skytypers, which are World War II aircraft, military displays in the form of the F-16 Viper demo and the C-17 Globemaster demo,” Dirato said.

And the grand finale: The US Navy Blue Angels celebrate their 75th anniversary.

“In the case of the Blue Angels, it was a very, very short short circuit last year, if at all. So they’re excited to be out there again. These are talented fliers and that is exactly what they do in the entertainment world, ”said Dirato.

Get back in action and lift the mood.

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“Thank you, God, we really need to see it. We were so blessed today, ”said Banks.

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