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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The list and pictures of missing people keep getting bigger. Both online and near the rubble site.

Of the missing is the young couple Ilan Naibryf and Deborah Berezdivin. Both only 21 years old. The couple was in town for a funeral.

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“He’s a great kid. We don’t have to go through what we’re going through, ”said Carlos Naibryf, Ilan Naibryf’s father.

“We are the families who miss people or who haven’t heard from them,” said Ronit Felszer, Ilan’s mother.

Ilan’s parents tell CBS4 that their son is a smart, athletic young man preparing to start his own business.

“He started his own start-up (cried) to hire his first four boys. Already funded. And that just happened. (Inaudible) He slept there only to be closer to the funeral the next day, ”Carlos said.

He says the unit his son lived in was in the southeast corner.

“If you see the video, the chances of having people alive are very slim.”

“We hope for a miracle. But do we really have faith? We don’t know, ”said Ronit.

Lisa Petrillo from CBS4 spoke to a family member of Deborah Berezdivin’s.

Did you even hear anything?

Rebecca Wasserstein said, “Not really … not really … (crying) it’s a sad situation. We never thought we would be there. “

Many like Rebecca are here at the reunification center supporting the family. Some are here to give DNA samples to identify loved ones.

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“I am here to support my family. Support my brother. To support my niece. And to have the hope of finding her alive, ”adds Wasserstein.

As the hours go by, hope fades. Of the missing are Claudio and Maria Obias Bonnefoy, who were in apartment 1001. Her niece landed in South Florida on a visit at 6 a.m. Thursday when she heard the news.

“When I got to the baggage claim, my sister texted me that my aunt’s building had collapsed. I found it surreal that her building collapsed, ”said Bettina Obias.

“I’m not a very dramatic person or I cry very easily. But when I saw it, I screamed and cried because I know they were gone. “


The frustration grows with the search efforts, Mike Silber is waiting for three family members at Word. He tried to help find it, but was turned away.

Silber tells CBS that he was there for 17 hours taking pictures of the salvage operations.

“The chief of the Miami-Dade fire department told me it was too dangerous for them to work on this hill because they feared the building would collapse,” said Silber.

He joins a long list of others who are silently waiting with few updates from officials.

“What you tell us is the news we get. We have been DNA tested, so let’s wait, ”said Felszer.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Maggie Castro told CBS 4 over the phone why the search is so tedious.

“Many times, it seems, for people observing that maybe not much is happening, but sometimes when we hear a noise everything has to go quiet. In this way we can determine exactly where this noise is coming from so that we can concentrate our energy on this area. “

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Officials say the recovery efforts are very methodical and the families receive news twice a day.

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