Dunkaroos’ first-ever milkshake is here in Miami for a limited time

MIAMI – It seems that the pandemic has caused some trends to disappear, such as “FOMO” (the fear of missing out). However, it also seems to have caused some trends to re-emerge, such as: B. Baggy jeans from the 90s, butterfly clips, tiny purses and even junk food from the 90s.

A prime example of this is Dunkaroos, the epitome of the ’90s dessert snack that was slowly returning to shelves in 2020.

Now the ultimate ’90s indulgence is bigger than ever, with a granola, assorted flavors, a line of frosting and now … a Dunkaroos shake.

Dunkaroos has partnered with BurgerFi to add a special milkshake to their menu at all Miami BurgerFi locations. The company has partnered with General Mills to launch the Dunkaroos Shake in Miami and New York City for a limited time from May 11th to June 13th (or while supplies last).


This is the first time that the nostalgic snack is in shake form and is truly the first of its kind.

The Dunkaroos shake uses BurgerFi’s custard and mixes it with real Dunkaroos biscuits. Once the shake is fully mixed, the decadent dessert is topped with rainbow sprinkles and even more Dunkaroos biscuits.

Returning 90s snack favorite Dunkaroos

We hear that it is best to soak the dunkaroos in the shake for the ultimate thowback experience.

The popular children’s snack, consisting of biscuits and frosting to dunk, was first introduced in 1992 but discontinued in the US in 2012 until it returned in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From May 10th to June 13th, the Dunkaroos shake is available at all locations in Miami, Florida. For more information and to find the closest BurgerFi restaurant in Miami, visit www.burgerfi.com or download the BurgerFi app.

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