DeSantis, Pompeo discuss Venezuela during Miami visit

MIAMI – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Governor Ron DeSantis for a roundtable discussion Thursday morning in Miami.

They met with a small group of Venezuelan exiles who live in Doral to assure them that the US remains fully committed to interim president Juan Guaido.

DeSantis admitted they have a right to be disappointed with the ongoing crisis in Venezuela.

“Look, I mean, I wouldn’t have called him here if we weren’t a little frustrated that we haven’t seen any progress on it,” DeSantis told reporters. “However, I think the Cuban situation – I mean, (controversial President Nicolas) Maduro, the people around him are all Cubans, you know, and it really is, and I think his ability to keep the military going will continue paying allows him to stay there. “

Also present was US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., Who compared the Venezuela crisis to cancer.

“It’s very easy,” he said. “We have a government that understands that there is cancer in this hemisphere and that cancer is Venezuela. It’s Cuba. It’s Nicaragua. And while some in the past have thought that if you deal with cancer you are legitimizing it and helping to fund and feed it, this government understands that this is not how you deal with cancer. “


Venezuelans who have fled this country do not enjoy temporary protection status in the US, which means that they must be deported. Hundreds of Venezuelans have already been there.

Diaz-Balart admitted that this is not a good policy.

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