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SURFSIDE, FLA. (WSVN) – Concerns remain about the Champlain Towers North Condo, the South Condo’s sister property, which partially collapsed as it was built at the same time and should have used the identical supplies, based on Surfside’s mayor.

Some residents have already evacuated the building.

“It has the same name,” said Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett. “It has the same developer. It seems to have the same plans. It seems that it was built with the same materials. That is a legitimate concern. “

The mayor mentioned that the city is ready to confirm that the north building is not in danger of collapsing.

“We sent our construction officer into this building with the expert we appointed a few days ago and they did a cursory check,” said Burkett. “Basically, they came back and told me that all they saw was really, really awful.”

Nevertheless, last week after the partial collapse of the south apartment, a voluntary evacuation of the north building was issued. Some residents have packed their things and have moved out of the building for the time being.

“We don’t want to add to the problem and panic,” said Burkett. “We only want to give people the opportunity if they are afraid of being elsewhere and we want to support that.”

Burkett mentioned that another level of inspection is planned for the apartment in the north for Tuesday.

“The condo board there has engineers doing a full forensic review of all structural systems so we can tell people with some confidence that their building is not unsafe,” said Burkett.

The North Condo would be the first of many buildings on the Surfside coast to be upgraded in South Florida. Some cities have called excessive slopes for quick inspections of older residential buildings.

“We’ll get to the other buildings a little later, but we won’t overlook that either,” said Burkett.

The mayor added that the city’s deliberations will focus on the condominium collapse, where the search for survivors will continue.

“The most important thing is to save lives, support the family, get all the information and deal with the buildings we suspect,” said Burkett.

Burkett added that evacuation of the condominium in the north will remain voluntary until they learn additional details about the structural integrity of the building that pose a hazard. In this case, they can order an evacuation of the building.

Miami-Dade and Broward Counties communities are their certification and inspection notices. Once it is realized what exactly caused the Champlain Towers South Condo to collapse, that information will likely play a role in shaping the transmission of certifications and inspections.

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