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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As the victims of the Champlain Tower collapse seek answers and hope for justice, the trial has begun with a class action lawsuit pending and other legal action pending.

“We were contacted by a unit owner yesterday morning and we took immediate action to enforce their rights and those of other unit owners,” said Attorney Brad Sohn of The Brad Sohn Law Firm, PLLC.

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“The lawsuit we have filed so far is a class action on behalf of all shareholders.”

She names the plaintiff as Manuel Drezner, individually and on behalf of others. The defendant is the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association.

According to the complaint, he and other victims are seeking around $ 5 million in compensation for their homes.

“As I understand it, there had been credible complaints and significant concerns from people close to the situation several years earlier,” said Sohn.

The class action lawsuit alleges that the association had a responsibility to protect life and property and, with possible oversights, failed to do so while maintaining or repairing the site.

“We just thought it was very important to get going, especially when lawsuits have an important public function to force people to be transparent and to be informed, which not only helps the victims directly, but hopefully prevents them.” happen again “, explained son.

“We have actually already teamed up with a few other lawyers and experts from the construction industry and the insurance industry and have spent the last two days working through every lead from roofing company to antenna company,” says attorney Adam Moskowitz from The Moskowitz Law Firm.

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“Before filing a lawsuit, you must identify people in good faith.”

For him, Moskowitz says this tragedy is personal

“My partner has family friends who are still missing,” he says. “He’s been at the vigil all morning. We have friends who were still missing. It’s very emotional for us. “

At the moment, Moskowitz and his team are still in the information gathering phase.

“We are doing a very thorough investigation. We work day and night, ”he says. “We’re talking to people who have serviced the building for 30 years. We talk to inspectors. We talk to the roofing companies. A cell phone mast was built on the roof. We’ll check whether that was correct. “

He says he’s been contacted by a dozen or so families, but he wants to make sure they have their strategy before they get it down on paper.

“If there is someone who can be held accountable and accountable, we will find out who it is and do it appropriately.”

Moskowitz says they will file something in the Miami state court next week.

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Son says they anticipate more assault and wronged homicide lawsuits in the near future.

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