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MIAMI (WSVN) – The Miami City Police Chief walked among protesters who marched through parts of Miami to support the protests in Cuba.

Chief Art Acevedo was seen walking and leading a group of protesters along Southwest Seventh Street around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

“Our community hurts, and if it’s the Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protest last summer when you’re in law enforcement, especially a police officer, and you have no compassion and can’t be with your community, you? probably don’t have to be here, ”said Acevedo. “Some guy here wants to go in the wrong direction and hit the freeway. We have to be sensible. We are sensible. You have to be sensible. “

The march began on Biscayne Boulevard near Bayfront Park in downtown Miami and has since moved west towards Little Havana. Cameras arrested demonstrators with signs that read “SOS Cuba” and chanted “Libertad!”.

“When you’re a police chief, you have to live in this city and be part of this community,” said Acevedo. “This is our church. Last summer it was Black Lives Matter, the George Floyd family. If you can’t feel that pain in the African American community last summer and in the Cuban community this year, you have to do something else. “

Acevedo was also asked about concerns of some South Floridians about road closures, protesters demonstrate.

“It’s a balance. Everything is a balance, ”he said in response. “You don’t see this city burn. They don’t see things being destroyed. You see how people exercise their rights under the First Amendment. The first additional article is very important. There’s a good reason we started, and that’s why we have to balance security with rights, so we have to do that. “

Those who took part in the Wednesday evening demonstration said their families on the island were suffering, oppressed and unable to get basic supplies.

Adrian Fernandez, who marched on Tuesday and was present at the protests on Wednesday, reiterated the struggles of the Cuban people.

“I am a Cuban American. I am blessed to be born here in America, but the people of Cuba are not so lucky, ”he said. “You are fighting for your life in Cuba. They deserve so much more and they deserve to hear us and know that they are not alone. You need freedom. They need medicine, food, water. We keep repeating ourselves, but we don’t do anything. Let’s do something. “

Since the protests began on the island on Sunday, relatives in South Florida have struggled trying to communicate with loved ones.

“I have a lot of colleagues, a lot of family over there,” said Fernandez. “You’ve been able to communicate for about the last few days, but the power went out yesterday and all that, so it’s difficult to even communicate with the family over there. It’s tough.

Fernandez also thanked Acevedo and the City of Miami Police for protecting the protesters as they marched through the streets.

“One word: unity. All in all, we appreciate the city of Miami, which protects us and continues to come together to fight for Cuba, ”said Fernandez. “You deserve it. You deserve everything. It’s just sad. It’s a sad situation now, but we are here for you and we will not stop.”

Fernandez also said protesters like him would not stop until something is done to help Cubans on the island.

“It can’t and won’t stop until something happens,” he said. “We’re calling the Biden administration, please help us. We cry. We want help. The bare minimum, come to Miami and talk to us, do something for us. “

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