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MIAMI (WSVN) – A heartbroken family hopes the public can help find their dog after she disappears into a Miami pet care store.

Andrea Arocha said she and her family left town last week and boarded Hershey, her 6-year-old Chihuahua, at Ana’s pet care facility on Southwest Eighth Street and 67th Avenue.

Then the pet disappeared and the family hurts.

“She is my everything,” said Andrea, sobbing. “She is my best friend.”

Heartbreaking: The Arocha family went on an outing, leaving their dog with the groomer, as they always do. When they returned to Miami, they learned that their little Hershey, a Chihuahua, got off the back fence of the groomer and is missing. @wsvn # Exclusive flyer information:

– Sheldon Fox-7 News (@fox_sheldon) April 6, 2021

Now the search for Hershey is on. The family said they published more than 1,000 reward flyers in the area.

Relatives feel that they have lost one of their family members. They said they had the Chihuahua since birth.

As they said, the Hershey family left at Ana’s Pet Grooming before going on a trip.

“We came back on Saturday and when we called to say we were going to pick up the dog, that was when they told us she was missing,” said Vanessa Arocha.

According to Ana Peña, who owns the company, Hershey escaped through a small room in the back fence last Friday.

The 2½ pound bitch can be seen on a surveillance video wearing her little dog dress in the back alley behind the store.

The Arochas said they were dying to get Hershey back.

“We just want her at home. We don’t blame anyone. If someone has found and picked you up and is protecting you, no questions are asked, ”said Eddie Arocha.

A reward of USD 2,000 is offered for their safe return.

“Please give them back,” said Peña.

Peña was close to tears herself and said she was doing everything possible to bring the dog back to her family.

The shop has also put up flyers.

On Saturday, Eddie said the family learned that their dog may have been picked up several blocks away.

“Witnesses said an SUV picked her up. She crossed the street and the SUV stopped and picked her up and kept going and it was heading toward Eighth Street, ”he said.

“If you have Hershey, when you’ve seen her, please call the numbers you see on the flyers,” Andrea said. “She means more to me than anything. I just want to take her home, so please. “

If you have any information on Hershey’s whereabouts, call 7News and we will get in touch with the family.

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