Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog brings Detroit-style pizza to Time Out Market Miami

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog is known for being the first to do things. Pioneering Miami’s food truck scene with its vintage airstream called gastroPod, he started Duck, Duck, Goose – the city’s first (and possibly only) duck-centric food festival and in 2016 before anyone got in Had Miami even thought of it, she started trying a Detroit-style pizza. Fast forward through five years of research, development, recipe testing, catering appearances, and a quick pop-up at Boxelder in Wynwood, and his Square Pie City is ready to take root at Time Out Market Miami this summer.

Born and raised in South Florida, Jeremiah was drawn to the simple way of making pizza in Motor City. “All it takes to make a great Detroit style pizza is really good ingredients. It sounds clichéd, but it’s the truth, ”he says. Jeremiah makes the sauce from scratch and doubles the fermentation of his dough with flour that he sources from Italy. He’s also created proprietary flavor mixes like the porcini mushroom powder he sprinkles over the Many Magical Mushrooms Pie and the spicy goat’s milk ricotta for the All White E’rrything, with roasted garlic for a serious zing.

“I’m not trying to make pizza like everyone else, I’m just trying to make really good pizza,” says Jeremiah. Case in point: the secret way to make the crust of the cake so crispy is to fill the sides of each pan with a special cheese before baking it to perfection with bubbly. (It took two years of research and development to come up with this delicious trick.) In addition to excellent pizza, the eatery serves a small gemstone Caesar, a chopped salad and delicious meatballs from the wood-fired oven. Even people who skip the carbohydrates will find something tasty on the menu.

Find Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog and his Square Pie City at Time Out Market Miami starting this Wednesday, July 14th. Doors open at 4pm and you should try it first.

Photo: Courtesy Square Pie City

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