CDC’s Cruise Safety Regulations Thrown Out By Federal Court, Delivering Victory For Gov. Ron DeSantis – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A federal district court has awarded Governor Ron DeSantis a victory over the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Tampa Judge Stephen Merryday concluded that the CDC’s restrictions on cruises are likely unconstitutional and exceed its legal authority.

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“The CDC was wrong all along, and they knew it,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “The CDC and the Biden administration hatched a plan to sink the cruise industry and were hiding behind bureaucratic delays and lawsuits. Today we secure that victory for Florida families, for the cruise industry, and for any state that seeks to safeguard its rights in the face of unprecedented federal transgression.

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The court decided the following:
• The CDC cannot discriminate against children and families from cruising;
• Neither the CDC nor any federal agency can require a vaccination record; and
• The CDC needs to provide an effective framework for businesses to resume business, rather than forcing them to undergo arduous and bureaucratic tests with no yardstick to measure against.

The court also said: “The CDC (or any predecessor) has never detained a ship for more than fifteen months; CDC has never conducted a widespread or industry-wide arrest of a fleet of ships in American waters; CDC Condition Pratique has never been as comprehensive and burdensome as the conditional sailing regulations; and never has the CDC imposed restrictions that unceremoniously denied the effectiveness of government regulations and stalled a whole billion dollar industry nationwide for long periods of time. In short, CDC has never implemented such extensive, restrictive and exclusive measures as those examined in this campaign. “

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“When an agency claims to discover an unannounced power to regulate a ‘significant part of the American economy’ in a long-standing law, we usually view its announcement with a certain amount of skepticism,” Judge Merryday said in his ruling.

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