Boy Bitten by Shark Gets Special Visit to Miami Seaquarium

After a horrific encounter with a shark on South Beach, a nine-year-old boy, recovering from his injuries, had the chance to learn about marine life on Wednesday while visiting the Miami Seaquarium.

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Jay Weiskopf

Jay Weiskopf beamed during the visit, which was about seeing some animals like the dolphins up close.


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“He’d splash and splash and splash,” Jay said.

Jay’s parents are happy that he’s getting closer to a return to normal.

“We don’t want him to be scared,” said his mother Kristen.

The Minnesota family was swimming in the water last weekend when Jay was attacked by a small gray shark. Kristen Weiskopf said the family swam together in waist-high water.

“At the time, I was in mom mode where it didn’t even register the severity,” she said. “All I focused on was getting him help.”

The family spent most of their vacation in the hospital, but doctors say Jay is on the way to recovery.

“Doctors say that even in a few weeks he will be the active little boy he always is,” said Kristen.

Jay’s father said his son asked her to warn other children even after he was attacked.

“Even though he went through this traumatic event, he was still worried about other children,” said Ren Weiskopf.

The family will be returning to Minnesota on Thursday, but Jay has already spoken about taking surfing lessons in the future.

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